Take a seat. Careers are not for everyone… Some people want to have a fairy tale wedding, buy a house with a white-picket fence, have children, and grow old with their partner… And there’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, I have always stood up for women and men who choose to be homemakers. After all, their job is no less important than mine.

Yet some people choose to put their career first, and stave off having children or getting married for many years, sometimes a lifetime. That seems to annoy people, particularly when it’s a woman who chooses to do so.

As a woman, people often think that I stopped being an architect because I got married and had a son. All I can say to that is: LOL. I left because it wasn’t for me. I decided to work from home because I’m a night owl. I also had a child by mistake; although it was definitely the most beautiful and poetic mistake of all.

What’s my point? If a person chooses not to have a family and focus all of their energy on creating a career, that is bloody well fine.

And here’s why:

People are more assertive: For hundreds of years, you lived the way that society expected you to, and those expectations were determined by your rank and your gender. Today, people are freer, and can therefore choose what they want to do. See, had people living 100 or even 1,000 years ago had the same opportunities as we do today, they’d have probably done the same.


People are more responsible: Both men and women enjoy having sex but without proper contraception one night in wonderland could mean a whole lot of years in Neverland! People today, thanks to advancements in technology and medicine and more open-mindedness, can be more responsible, and can say no to having children when they know that they’re not ready to have them; either because they can’t afford to or because they don’t want to be parents.


People are more selfish, but they are more selfless about it: People today are more likely to put themselves and their dreams first. But they’re not selfish in the way they do it. Having three kids because you want three kids but not having enough money to feed them, clothe them and educate them is selfish; not having children and focusing on your career isn’t.

So, while having a family is important, being happy and feeling accomplished is just as important.