In the 20s, fishnets were worn by flapper dancers. In the 70s, they were owned by the leather-garbed punkers. But if it were possible to pinpoint a moment when fishnets officially caught the fashion attention, it may have been in the 80s, thanks to Madonna.

The Queen of Pop sure knows how to shock people through fashion, and we’re not just talking the now iconic cone bra. In 1987, Madonna sparked some controversy by wearing fishnet tights with gold and black nipple tassels. Just jaw-dropping.

Ten years later, the eye-grabbing legwear had become a must-have. Kate Moss, the British supermodel and queen of undone style, changed the perception of fishnets, giving them a much more playful and grungy representation. The trend had also been rocked by the most iconic women of the 90s including Spice Girls, Tina Turner and Cher.

The trend lives on and is now in the midst of a serious comeback. Surprisingly easy to pull off, meshed details can turn any simple outfit into a strong statement, and you can build your whole outfit around them. Just don’t do it in a Madonna-esque boundary-breaking way. Wear fishnet tights with miniskirts and heavy boots to keep with the 80s vibe, and to let them remain the focal point of the outfit. Just look at the outfits of Alexa Chung and Dakota Fanning.

This season, fishnets are also taking on new ways to be integrated into an outfit. The coolest way to approach fishnet tights: wear them with your favourite ripped denim and show the fishnets from under the holes of your jeans, or think mesh peeking out just above your pants — the trend pioneered by Kim Kardashian. Choose large hole fishnets spice up your look, like Kendall Jenner.

If you think fishnet tights are way too edgy, you can always wear them the chic way and we’ll prove that just now. Remember the awkward scene with Angelina Jolie in Mr. & Mrs. Smith (2005)?

To avoid that, pair fishnets with sleek and simple outfits like a little black dress and classic footwear. No doubt you’ll catch a lot of compliments. Another way to pull off the trend is to compromise with white or pastel shades. Those offer a softer take on the hard-edged trend.

And you know what’s the best part? Fishnets don’t really have any practical function, they won’t make you warm, which makes them the perfect accessory to wear during Maltese summer. We know that hot weather always poses the dilemma: how to add a quirky detail to your look without putting more clothes on. Now here’s a solution: think a statement pair of fishnets!