With a fresh season upon us, it’s time to upgrade your footwear game, and it looks like we’ll be providing you with a fresh selection. Here are the newbies that are worthy enough to be part of your collection.

If you’re desperate to get your paws – or feet – on a new pair of shoes right now, check out these top footwear trends we’ve rounded up for you. These shoes make it the seasonal solution to make a spring statement and stand out amongst the same white sneakers and black ballet flats.

Kitten Heels

Have you always hated low heels? Kittens have that anti-fashion kind of reputation, and have long been associated with the grandma-heel. They’re probably on your list of shoe-styles you promised yourself you’ll never wear in your life, but this season’s winning style is not as bad as it sounds. Kittens have appeared on the Spring/Summer 2017 runways of Christian Dior, Celine and Balenciaga, not to mention on countless fashion sites. They’re practical and will easily beat the closet boredom. Get a pair and you’ll definitely change your mind about them.



The incredibly comfy laid-back sliders were huge news last summer, and the good news is that they still are. Funky and easy, sliders pair well with anything, from your favourite pair of jeans to a cocktail dress. Surprised? This season, Rihanna’s beloved shoe-style was spotted on the runways of Prada, Miu Miu and Lanvin, embellished with gems, pearls, fur and sequins, looking more feminine and prettier than ever.


Open Back Footwear

From mules and clogs to open back loafers and slippers, these are the shoes you’ll never ever want to take off. The open back footwear is not new this season. It became famous last year, appearing throughout the Fashion Week shows. As if we didn’t love these enough already, they’re looking more modern than ever, with laces, bold hues and kitten heels. Definitely a must-have.


Oriental Motifs

Prints and embroideries that are reminiscent of Japanese engravings had become popular a couple of seasons ago, thanks to Alessandro Michele. But if you’re still ditching the blossom embroidered dresses and bombers, these shoes are impossible to ignore. In addition to pretty embroidery, the catwalks have seen the rise of Eastern-inspired higher-than-sky platforms. They look refreshingly cool and will definitely turn heads.


Rounded Heels

Heels with architectural shapes were spotted throughout the Fashion Week shows around the world this season. The circular design – beloved by Dries Van Noten and Maison Margiela – has quickly become famous and is currently doing the rounds on social media. In practice, they’re on the right side of experimental and can make quite a statement.