The Maltese cinema industry is basically non-existent. You can count the number of Maltese films distributed abroad on Captain Hook’s left hand. Meanwhile, the rest of Europe has been producing world class film at the same rate that we produce dodgy legislators.

The good news is that the Limestone Cowboy team (and also a few other rogue film-makers down here, whom we humbly salute) are trying their darnest to turn this ship around.

Limestone Cowboy is four years (of blood, sweat, tears and abject blasphemy) in the making and now painfully close to being complete and ready for shipping! It’s been doing the rounds and it has gotten its share of foreign interest. We now need the last cash injection to fuel the charge towards getting this film into the right hands within the right period of time.

Trailer on Vimeo.

Support us in bringing international attention to Maltese film by clicking here and donating whatever you can. Cash strapped? Pawn your goldfish – we guarantee this film is at least 1000000% more exciting than a blank faced chunk of organic orange matter that forgets you even exist every four seconds.