You start to age the moment you’re born.

There are so many sayings about age: “You’re as young as you feel”, “Life begins at thirty, forty, fifty etc.” Are these theories true? Is what we go through in the process of ageing all a mind game? Can we control how we appear and how we feel? If yes, do we really want to let go of youth?

The ages between fifteen and twenty-five are the crucial years where one is supposed to build their life, career, and fall in love. The bliss years without responsibilities, no children, and being able to spend more than eight hours partying on 5-inch stilettos. You can also be oblivious to wrinkles and cellulite. You can sleep like a baby even though not everything is a walk in the park. Youths hold the world in their palms and are persuaded that nothing can harm them. They’re never burdened by the thought of drinking too much, or waking up for work tomorrow. There are of course the teen struggles of pimples, greasy hair and man boobs. And then there are the popular ones, the beautiful individuals that possess the best physique.


With all these credentials, who would want to age? But with sweetness, bitterness follows. No matter how beautiful, healthy and athletic you are, you will still be naïve and innocent. The underdog that most people take for granted. Trying to find a job is an exertion as a result of lack of experience. There are the heart breaks and tears over boys. The brawls with parents, only to find out they were on your side the entire time. Falling for temptation and ending up in big mishaps are mandatory in the bitter lesson of learning from your own mistakes, considering that every young person wants to grow up to obtain their driving licence, live on their own and choose their hang out spot and friend by themselves.


So let’s take a look on how greener the grass is on the other side and delve into ageing:

You finally have the career you worked so hard for, you married the man of your dreams. You’re planning to have those adorable little angels of your own. You have the right and privilege to vote and your opinion is considered with attention. You make an honest income and have tons of experience that you can talk about over an expensive bottle of wine. Your group of friends are the sophisticated types who wear suits to the office and your outing on a summer’s weekend is a harbour cruise on one of your friend’s boat. I will call this the positive side of ageing. But as the years pass by, your beauty starts to deteriorate gradually. You’re facing the fact that your metabolism isn’t working like a clock anymore and you’re getting lines on your face that were not there the morning before. Those tales that back in the day youngsters sought from their seniors are not sought anymore, on the grounds that today’s fledglings have google to guide them.


So you go through life scrutinising the thought of not being beautiful enough or not being decently educated. You aged and you’re up to standard on an academic level, can hold a descent conversation, but you always feel that your competition is an eighteen-year old who clearly does not need to squat. I remember when I was a little girl, women at that time went out of the house wearing sweats and cutting their hair short, whilst men drank beer till they looked like they were nine months pregnant and counting. That generation took a turn for the better these days. The average person is now looking ten years younger without a grey hair in sight.

How does the average person tackle everyday necessities to stay looking young and sophisticated?

Since the beginning of time, people have believed in beauty. Cleopatra bathed in milk, and Countess Elizabeth Bathory allegedly smothered herself in the blood of virgins. Today we do not need to stoop so low. We have creams, medications and a lot of good surgeons that are living quite the high life for choosing the right career. It’s estimated that therapeutic sales of Botox will grow enough to eventually outweigh cosmetic related sales within the next five years. Microdermabrasion has increased by 47% in the USA alone from last year. Treatments today are socially acceptable, not forgetting going under the knife for every defect that God gave us.


Keeping the big guns on the side, today’s society invests in hair and makeup from the beginning of a young tender age. My mother took me waxing when I was only eleven. Despite the pain, I was advised the mantra of no pain, no gain. That is why people are staying beautiful. The lifestyle we choose to live is helping us look youthful. People aged seventy are jogging every morning, a lot of smokers quit and, and a lot of H2O is being sold. Anti-ageing companies and campaigns became a lucrative business.

But is society all the more happier for this fight against ageing? More people seem to be on depression and anxiety pills, and therapists are fully booked whilst hearing complaints about lack of sleep. Is trying to be beautiful that big of a struggle? Are we on the verge of having a mental breakdown just to be able to keep our husband or wife in bed with us?