Rikki Lee Scicluna and Andrew Mizzi (Vandroo) had set out to make AYTO a massive success within the music industry three years ago. They had previously both collaborated with other bands and music producers, and with AYTO, they were determined to take things to the next level. Claude Spiteri joined them soon after, and the remarkable duo became a formidable trio.

Their hard work and painstaking attention to detail began to pay off when their first release, To The Whistle – with the very talented Kelsey Bellante!

Soon after its launch, they were approached by the Safari Music Label from Australia to begin a worldwide distribution of the track. This is when things started to get very exciting…very fast!


This recognition encouraged them to continue investing even longer hours in the studio, and with the record deal from Safari in the bag, they continued working on their second release – Ordinary Love. (Watch video below). On this track, they roped in Rachel Mamo, a very promising young Maltese singer, with a somewhat coarse but smooth and bright voice that goes very well with AYTO’s particular style. Add to that an awesome video shot done with Videocafe at several locations, and their second track is now ready for worldwide release. Initial feedback from radio airplay in Malta has been extremely positive, and the producers now can’t wait to see how it will be received in other markets.

AYTO is an ongoing project that will always remain a work in progress, looking to create more synergies with other collaborators. Among these are Gillian Camenzuli Kerr of La Voix School of Performing Arts and TalentMalta. With Gillian, AYTO are in the process of selecting upcoming singers for more tracks they have in the pipeline. Another part of their plans for this year is a collaboration with Gabriel Mizzi (Mizzi G), a well-known young Maltese DJ who is joining AYTO with a focus on the live aspect of the group, and will also slowly make his way into the production. AYTO will be hosting their first live gig later this year.