In my younger days, wearing glasses was considered to be somewhat uncool and nerdy; least of all fashionable.

Nowadays, wearing glasses is one of the biggest trends around. A number of people even wear glasses with no prescription assigned to them. Glasses and their wearers have come a long way. However, wearing make up when you have glasses can still be tricky. Here are a few tips which can help you accentuate your features and shift the focus from your specs to your beautiful and well-defined make up. No one wants to spend hours painting away for it to go unnoticed, right?

Use a set of travel size make up brushes – Fellow four-eyed ladies will understand that getting too close to the mirror can mean that the brush handles will start poking one of these two things; you or the mirror in front of you. If you’re having this problem, use travel size make up brushes with small handles. That should do the trick.

Your eyebrows are your best friends – Your frames may shape your eyes, but your eyebrows will shape your whole face. Having well-defined eyebrows will help structure your face. Grab an eyebrow kit and start drawing!

Wear your boldest lipstick – There seems to be this unspoken rule that you should only wear bold lipstick in the evening. I encourage you to break this rule, especially if you wear specs. Wearing a bold lipstick will make you feel ten times more confident. You can even go light on the eye make up since a bright or a bold lip will instantly shift the focus to your lips.


Learn how to play with your liner – Eyeliner is not everyone’s favourite make up step. However, if you wear glasses, eyeliner will make your eyes pop and look slightly bigger, especially if you flick your cat eye with the top corner of your glasses. You can also try to experiment with different coloured liners to create a unique look.

Powder, Powder, Powder – Make sure you set your make up with powder. Due to Malta’s high humidity levels, this tip is relevant to anyone. However, if you wear glasses, you might find that your specs will slip off your face rather easily if you don’t set your makeup with powder.

Always apply concealer – Your glasses can cast a dark shadow under your eyes, which is why you need to apply some concealer in that area. Try using a yellow-toned concealer to counteract this shadow. Set it with some powder and you’re good to go!

Be creative with colours – Especially if you own coloured frames. Match your make up with the colour of your glasses. Don’t be afraid to wear bright colours, since these will blend easily with the frame.


Most important of all, rock your specs and wear them with pride!