When it comes to living arrangements, it’s the norm for young adults in Malta to keep living with their parents way after their twenties. However, living on your own can be such a fulfilling experience. On the one hand, it’s a challenging and scary journey, but on the other hand, it’s exciting and liberating. Here are a few lessons you’ll learn when you embark on this journey of going solo for the first time.

You learn to enjoy the silence – Most of us in Malta come from large families and extended families. The house is always bustling with a new event or a recent sibling argument. It can be hard to get used to being the only person in the house, but by time, you’ll learn to love being in your own quiet space. You can always turn to music if you’re craving for some background noise.


You get used to being in your own company – There’s no better way to get to know yourself than spending some time in your own company. You’ll learn so many new things about yourself if you venture alone. Spend some quality time with yourself. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being by yourself in a cafeteria, in a shopping mall or in a movie theatre.

You learn the meaning of budgeting – You’re living a very protected life when you’re living with your parents. You probably never had to pay for food or any kind of bills. Well, now you do. Living on your own slowly makes you learn how to be financially independent. It may be hard at first to sacrifice buying a new dress so that you can pay your electricity bills. Don’t worry. It gets easier to figure out the difference between wanting something and needing something. You WANT the new dress but you NEED light and heating in house.


You become more independent – Not just financially. You’ll learn how to change a light bulb by yourself because there’s no one else to do it. You learn to multitask between working, cooking, cleaning and remembering to buy toilet paper! Living on your own can be rewarding, but it also has its hardships as there’s no one to do the dirty work except yourself.

Organising and decorating is harder than you think – If you’ve always had a vision of a truly organised and a fully-furnished home…scrap that thought. For the first few years, you won’t have the time or the money to do everything all at once. Your house will not always be organised and top-notch clean, and that’s perfectly fine.


You’ll start to believe that your parents are superhuman – How did they do it?! The house was always clean, the food was always ready on time and nothing was ever burnt! They must be gods!