The human body is a miracle, not only in its physical ability to grow and to reproduce, but in many other ways as well.

Appreciate the physical body. It works for us for so many years. Through it and other bodies, we feel and experience. We have the six senses, plus senses of intuition when we allow them. We have all the experiences of pleasure, pain, passion, sexuality, food, music, touch, smell, taste and sight.

Above: The five traditional senses.

The body and the soul are connected; two parts of one – one tangible, and one which we must seek and find its essence. When we block emotions, we feel discomfort in the body. When we don’t move the body, we block emotions. Each emotion completes us. There is no good or bad emotion. All emotions are important. Feelings are important. Love is important. We can feel a spiritual connection with the Cosmos, and with our ancestors. We can feel compassion for people we’ve never met.

Movement and conscious breathing are the keys to energy flowing and releasing energy blocks. When we move the body, we open up to the flow of energy and emotion, and create space for expression.

Consider six levels. At the lowest level, we are at the lowest vibration and in fear. In fear, we block our feelings. We start to face our shadows. Without this, we can’t know what joy is. Moving up, we find sadness, deep pain, helplessness and emptiness. Here, we are capable of our greatest creativity, art, poetry and writing. The next step is anger. We can vent this anger and use this anger to rise to action and up to the fourth level, power. In power, we can overcome obstacles and feel achievement and momentum. We are flowing.


From this state we move to joy. No longer do we allow large fears. Things flow and even nature takes on richer colours. We can be full of the joys of Spring, appreciating all around us. Now we flow in lighter vibration. In this state of happiness, we find it more difficult to be creative as we enjoy life more. Observe how many songs are written about sadness, heartache and lost love.

The last step after joy is bliss. In bliss, nothing is a problem. Minor irritations and changing plans cause no stress. We’re happy and go with the flow, accepting, and observing what before would have caused stress. In bliss, we are connected with everything, and everything is connected with us, surely the master plan we are a tiny part of.

We can progress and rise up through these steps, sometimes many times in one lifetime. There is always a way up again when we fall down. Let us all be grateful each day for the miracle of the body, whatever the shape or size, whether fully functioning or restricted. This is the vehicle to carry us through one lifetime. Taking care of it ensures the best possibilities in this life.