According to Peter Griffin, bird is the word. Well, the same can be said within the fashion industry, because feather earrings are here to stay as the statement-making accessories of the season.

These avian accessories can transform a plain outfit in an instant. Not only are they eye-catching, but they’re also fun to play with when you’re out and about. Running your fingers through the silkiness of the feathers is both therapeutic and sensual, but be sure not to tug too hard on them!


Though it’s recommended that you stick to long feathers if you’re lucky enough to have a long neck, I say wear the ones that you like, irrelevant of size. However, if you do want a bit of guidance, we recommend elongated but mid-length feathers for round or heart-shaped faces, and try to find minimalist styles with no bells or whistles adorning the feathers. These earrings, if worn correctly, can add length to your decolletage and jawline. Just make sure the focus of the design points downwards as opposed to sideways. Large round hoop shapes around the feather might make your neck seem shorter.


Be Bold

There’s a vast selection of designs and colours out there. Animal prints and beads are very much on trend at the moment, as well as bright rainbow colours. Go for a bright teal or purple to complement your eye colour, or find a pair with animal motifs.


Proud as a Peacock

Of course, this design is the most classic of choices. They often come in a round shape, but if you give thorough search, you can come across a few alternate designs which still retain the peacock feather.


Block it like it’s hot

If you’re more of a no frills sort of person, block colours such as red, cobalt blue, silver and black are your go-to feathers. These are grouped into three or more feathers per earring, so if you don’t want so much fuss, you can easily find single feathered ones.


Hair and plumage

Feather earrings are worn best with up styles or bob cuts. A simple French twist will allow for your earrings to be centre stage. Nonetheless, long hairstyles can still be paired with these, so long as your colour choice stands in contrast with your hair colour. Go for purples or light blues for chestnut coloured locks, and green or cobalt blue feathers for red hair.


Keep it simple

Feather accessories are an outfit in themselves, so keep the rest of your attire minimal and classic. Bright and bold earrings will beautifully enhance a plain black maxi dress or a dark wash denim jacket.