Life is busy. We must work, shop, prepare food, tend to family and try to fit in outside activities. We’re always doing something, and we sometimes feel as if we’re always tired. There’s always noise, unless the work environment is silent. In Malta, we go to the beach or have a BBQ in nature to find silence, yet someone’s bound to bring a radio or even a sound system with big speakers to drown out that silence. Anyone doing nothing is likely to be labelled as lazy, or asked to do something to see them occupied, except perhaps when on the beach on a Sunday afternoon.

If we don’t put the TV on, then we can hear the neighbours’ box. Do we really have to reach for the remote control? Give it a break. What are we afraid of? Why do people always want noise? Do we fear inactivity? Do we fear silence?


Silence is relaxing and helps us de-stress, if we allow it. Nature is a place to de-stress. When we don’t have silence, we don’t hear the sounds of nature, birds singing or waves lapping along the beach. The bedroom with soft music and candles is another option that can allow us to be.

We cannot hear ourselves until we find silence and just be. Through the practice of just being in silence, we can come closer to our essence and feel who we really are. The mind can clear itself when we allow it, whether in meditation or just listening to little sounds. In this state, we can go deep into ourselves and make new discoveries. We can just observe our thoughts and our feelings. Why do we have those feelings? Should we change something in our lives?

Being is an important state. Without being, we don’t know who we truly are, and we don’t relax or drop stress. Being is an internal journey, and can be active as we open to be fully present and conscious about our bodies, our feelings and using our senses.


Smell a flower. Feel the breeze on the skin. Give the body loving touch. When a couple consciously enter silence in each other’s company, they can connect deeper at the heart, away from superficial chat for the sake of talking. So spend some time each day, or at least a few times a week, just being, and observe what flows in you and to you. It can be a life-changing experience.