Throwing things at the other person – however deserved that may be – is not one of the tips!

From politics to pastizzi, we are a nation of opinionated people, so it comes as no surprise that we often end up having arguments with others. Yet we are also a Mediterranean people, which means our blood boils before we even have time to say what we really want to say. So, if like me, you like having an argument, here’s how to construct a good one!

Stay calm: Why are you screaming in my face? Take a seat and let me show you how it’s done. Stay calm, and breathe. See, one thing people often forget is that, when we’re talking to someone, the other person hears and feels more than just our words: our energy, our tone of voice, and our frustration are also picked up. So speak in a low tone, and try to sound relaxed. This makes you feel less like a threat to the other person.

Don’t insult: In the point above, I could have easily said, “Why are you screaming in my face, h**?” but I didn’t. In arguments, insulting the other person is seen as a sign of them getting at you; of you feeling like you’re losing. Also, why are you insulting the other person? Different opinions make this world more colourful.


Be respectful: If you’re not willing to listen to the other person, then you might as well write a letter and stick it to your front door. The point of an argument is for people to listen to each other’s views and to learn. Why are people so set in their ways, anyway? We can’t all be right all the time!

Don’t be loud: An unspoken truth is that the loudest person in an argument is often the one who’s wrong. Understand the fact that a) some people will never change their minds, b) even if it’s crystal clear to you, some people just won’t see eye-to-eye with you, and c) you fail by default if you go down to someone’s level in order to win an argument.

Don’t get side-tracked: So you’re having an argument about minimum wage being too low and all of a sudden someone mentions how women on minimum wage all have painted nails. Next thing you know the conversation has degenerated into the usual hating-poor-people-debate because people who are on minimum wage shouldn’t expect to live a lavish life. The argument here has gone awry as the point here was whether the minimum wage is too low, not how it’s spent.



And don’t forget, boys and girls, there’s no use arguing with someone who’s stupid.


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