As I write this, I looked back on all the articles I’ve created on womanhood and all the silly to serious quirks that come with being one. I also went through all the articles I’ve had the privilege of reading and editing from our beautiful team of female writers, and how each and every one of them has inspired me in some form or other, even if I didn’t entirely agree with everything that was being said.

But as a female editor-in-chief, I’ve strived to render eve.com.mt a safe and open platform for women, both as readers and writers, because if we cannot find solace and strength in our thoughts and words, where else can we? And so, I hope that as a magazine, we’ve made at least a tiny bit of difference to women out there with our shared opinions and stories.

But beyond the cyber walls of our musings, there are even more women who need more than words for their lives to take a better step in the right direction. So on International Women’s Day, let us not forget the women who fall victim to the many forms of violence, the women who suffer silently, the women whose potential is never fulfilled, the women who falter, brokenhearted and dejected because of their gender. Let’s remember the women who have to work twice as hard in a male-oriented environment, the women who are pushed aside just for being female, and the women whose spark has been dimmed because of gender-imbalanced circumstances.


But let us also remember and celebrate women’s achievements over the years. Let us celebrate women’s resilience and their sense of survival. Let us rejoice in women’s goals and ambitions, and let us remember how our female ancestors fought for the freedoms we have today, and let us be proud of the freedoms which we will leave behind to our daughters and granddaughters. Let’s keep moving forward as women. Let’s break chains. Let’s move mountains. Let’s smash walls. Let’s be women, and realise the power of our presence in this world.

So hear us roar.