Throughout my work in fashion, I’ve noticed that there’s a plethora of beliefs on how patterns should be worn. I’ve observed that both women and men doggedly follow the mantra to avoid horizontal stripes or patterned clothing if they have a rounder body shape, believing that these will make them look thicker.

Well, it all very much depends on the type of pattern in question. There are angular patterns (all kinds of stripes, squares, and sharp ends) and circular patterns (dots, flowers, and ornaments).


There is a rule that says that angular patterns make a silhouette thinner, while circular ones optically add a few kilos. But we should always actually check the size of the patterns, as this matters quite a bit. If on a blouse or a dress there are many narrow stripes, they will make your silhouette look thinner. However, if our clothing contains only three thick stripes that extend our body shape, then if we have some extra kilos, we’ll be adding some unwanted volume.


You also need to pay attention in order to determine if the clothes you choose will create your desired result. If you don’t want to look bigger, then avoid clothing that is either too tight or too baggy. For women who want to add a few kilos or volume in certain parts of the body, you should try out circular patterns, or even rounded collars or round necks. Then your silhouette will consequently look fuller.

Therefore, do not be afraid of patterns, because the proper selection can help create an entirely new contour of figure.