Constantly checking your phone affects your health in more ways than one.

Smartphone addiction is a thing – not an internet-fake-news thing, but a scientifically proven thing – and much like the addiction to drugs, cigarettes and alcohol, there are more side effects than just the obvious ones.

For starters, in a 2011 study that asked almost 1,000 students from ten different countries not to use mobile phones, laptops and social media for 24 hours discovered that people have withdrawal symptoms. What kind? Physical and psychological distress, loneliness, panic and confusion.

Moreover, constantly using your phone can also lead to text neck, which is neck pain and damage caused by frequently looking down at your phone. If you’re wondering just how common this is, in the UK, 45% of people aged 16 to 24 suffer from text neck.


Then there’s anxiety, stress and depression, which arise from a variety of phone-related expectations. We need to be constantly available because we’re expected to, and we constantly expect to receive updates. More than that, phones make human interaction – which is vital to our sanity and well-being – harder and less fulfilling. It also reduces our attention span and disconnects us from reality.

Then, even after using our phones throughout the whole day – for work and leisure – 63% of us go to bed with it, staring at its glaring, white light before we close our eyes to sleep. Did you know that a double shot of espresso has less of an effect on your sleeping than the white light emitted from laptops and phones?

It doesn’t end there, I’m afraid. Your phone has ten times more bacteria than an average toilet seat, while the blue light that phones also emit can damage the retina. Texting too much can lead to text claw (cramps and inflammation in fingers and thumbs) and listening to loud music through headphones, which many of us do on a daily basis, can damage your hearing. All of that, of course, doesn’t come close to all the radiation our bodies are absorbing continuously day in, day out.

Even if you’re lucky to avoid all these things, using your phone can inadvertently lead to other accidents as we don’t even have the will to look out for cars before crossing the roads, either… So, for your sake, limit your phone usage!


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