Sometimes, no matter how much we’d like to add a few inches to our height and look a little bit slender, our feet and even our spirits ache in protest. And sometimes, occasions are a little too casual for heels anyway.

However, you can actually still achieve a sense of height by following a few rules and some well selected garments. One such principle advises that you avoid chunky belts or those whose colour stands out from the rest of your outfit. This is because it cuts the silhouette in half and makes it optically shorter. If necessary, wear a thin belt or one that blends well with your outfit.


The easiest way to achieve a taller look is by going mono-colour. It gives the impression that the body is super long, and this is a well known secret shared by models such as Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid. It’s also possible to achieve the same effect by wearing shoes and trousers that share the same colour, creating the illusion that the lower body is extended. This can also be applied to skirts, tights and shoes. Ladies who love dresses and skirts can choose a simple model or a pencil one, and this creates a taller and smoother figure.


There are definitely plenty of ways to achieve a taller appearance without having to endure painful heels for a long period of time. Simply pay attention to the small details, and this will make a big difference!