Ramona Portelli‘s debut novel Għatx gives us a penned peephole into stories that take place within local bars.

Launched on the 24th February at La Plage Lounge in St Julian’s, Għatx is produced by Vision + with Joseph Sultana as general editor. The launch itself was created to complement all the stories in the book, and the evening was presented by Marica Mizzi, while Joe Cassar gave a reading of selected extracts from the book.


Author Ramona Portelli had based all these stories from what she sees and observes in local bars, with a mix of characters and true happenings to illustrate the occurrences of nightlife. Of course, the names, characters and situations are all fictitious. The publication also includes photos by photographer Ali Bosios who captured ten models from Malta and Gozo to represent the stories. The team was assisted by stylist Mari Debrincat.


Ramona Portelli has been in the writing scene for over twenty-five years. Her portfolio ranges from interviews with various personalities and interesting characters, exclusive features, PR for various local events, and even vox pops – all of which are published in local newspapers and various local websites.


The author always keeps a pen or two on her and also papers to note down what’s on her mind that can be of interest to others.


Għatx is dedicated to her family, especially to her father Charles Portelli, who passed away just a month before the launch of the book. Ramona’s love for reading and writing had stemmed from him, thanks to the daily newspaper he’d bring home; a habit that he still kept until his passing over. The same book is also dedicated to her mother Helen and her sister Alexia for their continuous support and encouragement, and last but not least, to her niece Almikaya Aquilina, who fills the author’s life with joy and is a source of inspiration.

Bars – Who is coming, who is leaving.
Some go there to stay alone, some prefer the company of others.
But everyone has a story to tell.
Are you thirsty enough to know other people’s business?

Għatx is priced at €10 and can be purchased here or directly from the author by emailing ramonaportelli@hotmail.com.