A little while ago, Mark popped in to see me, and it wasn’t pretty.

He was about 25Kg overweight, had high blood pressure and was a Type II diabetic to boot. The man is barely thirty years old. He couldn’t walk up a flight of steps without wheezing, has a sedentary job where he’s sitting down all day, and a young family to take care of. This guy is a prime candidate for a heart attack or a stroke in the next few years.

The scary part is that there are so many people out there in this situation, that it’s just not funny. In the course of my work, I run into them all day long. There are a lot more people completely out of shape today than there were twenty-five years ago. Complacency and comfort have caught up with us. And you’d think anyone in this condition would realise the necessity of engaging in a healthier lifestyle before their current one kills them, wouldn’t you?


All those danger signs flashing red, and the answer Mark gave me the first time we discussed this was, “I wish I had the time to come to the gym but I don’t.”

It’s unbelievable. The man’s lifestyle is killing him and he doesn’t have time to get healthy. It’s really unacceptable how many people will continue to use this line as a reason for not accomplishing something in their lives. I hear this epitaph so many times in a typical week that I really can’t stand it anymore. It just reeks of complacency and lassitude, and it’s usually coming from people who need help in a very bad way.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but they will die if they keep on doing what they’re doing. It’s that simple. If you’re out of shape, your lifestyle is going to kill you. And if death seems a far-fetched concept right now, keep in mind that the days leading up to it will be miserable. You’re going to be living the rest of your days in an extremely uncomfortable way, feeling lousy all the time and taking so many different pills every day that you’ll rattle like a castanet when you walk.


Time is never the real reason, no matter how earnestly you say it. It’s just a question of priorities. Right now, you’re still in a position to play around between the important stuff and the vital stuff in your life, and still get away with it. There is in fact a difference between the two. There are plenty of important things in your life, things that need to be done, things that keep the cogs turning. But you need to be able to differentiate between what’s important and what is absolutely vital. At the end of the day, making the right choice between the two will literally be the difference between a healthy life lived and enjoyed in comfort, and an unhealthy existence lived fighting disease.

No one has time. Time is never found. Time is made, and you either make it happen or you don’t. And the way to make time is very simple. Isolate one hour three times a week where you tell yourself that absolutely nothing will come in the way of spending time on yourself. That hour is your time. Nothing and no one is allowed to disturb it or in any way steal it away from you. Not work, not friends, not even your secret crush showing up with flowers at your door and requesting the pleasure of your company. That’s how time is made. It’s a decision, and not a chance encounter.

That simple step will give you three hours a week. And those three hours will be lifesavers. Try it for just four weeks. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. And do it today, because tomorrow is not yours to bank on. It never is. Stop reading this now and go over your schedule to fix up an hour to make your own three times a week. Call the best fitness facility you can find, and book yourself an appointment today. And show up!


Remember Mark? He actually came to see me ten weeks ago. After that first crazy excuse, I talked to him and helped him see sense. He has since lost 14Kg, can run up those steps at least ten times and still have breath left over for a victory dance, and his blood sugar and blood pressure are now well under control. That’s how one small step can make a huge difference. That’s how it’s done.


Let us know how it went and what difference it made for you.

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