It was my first day on the job, as I recall. It was a long time ago, but it was my first job as a newsroom reporter. I was getting out of my car to cover a road accident that had occurred, and I fell straight into a puddle of mud.

I remember thinking to myself, “You have two options. You can go home, or you can get up and go cover your story.” I decided to get up and head straight for the scene. As I stood up, I saw there were several people staring at me. There were emergency workers and others on the side of the dirt road out in the country staring at me, the woman covered in red mud. I put a smile on my face and went over to where everyone was standing, started asking questions and doing the job my editor hired me to do.

I believe I learned an important lesson that day. You can act confident when you don’t feel like you have any self-confidence at all. So, if you’re willing to get your hands a little dirty and do some work, some more self-confidence just might be right round the corner. I hope the following suggestions are helpful:

Have supportive people – Keep the people that care about you close. Have the right people in your corner, and let your closest friends support you, pushing you to succeed and achieve your goals. Talk about your plans and future goals for yourself, so that true friends and family can offer more direct support on your journey.


Wear a smile – According to some researchers, smiling can actually start to help us feel better, even when we’re feeling down. By smiling, it can help lift our spirits even when we don’t feel perfect. It can also release endorphins in the brain, making you feel happier than you did before you started smiling. It can also make the people around you more comfortable and supportive.

Don’t compare yourself to others – Don’t compare yourself to other people. Negative comparisons can damage our level of self-confidence. Remember to be yourself and focus on your own unique qualities. I’ve found that comparing myself to someone with a different set of skills and talents can drain me and leave me feeling unmotivated to achieve my own personal life goals. It’s great to respect the talents of others, but it’s also important to appreciate our own God-given gifts.


Spend time with the confident – Is there someone you respect who’s very confident? Is there someone in your life that really has it together and seems to do a lot with real self-confidence? Try spending more time with this person whenever possible. Treat them to lunch or work out at the gym with them. I believe the more time we spend with confident people, the more their attitude rubs off on us, as they encourage us to build our self-esteem. You can also have a dinner party or arrange to have coffee with a group of confident friends, for there is strength in numbers. Try to stick around those who give off a positive, confident energy, and try to limit your time with the negative people that leave you feeling drained after you’ve been around them.

Never give up – Don’t ever give up on yourself! When you’re feeling like you have no confidence at all, think about yourself being confident. Be specific with your visualisations, such as walking down the street confidently, or addressing a large crowd giving a speech. Building self-confidence doesn’t always happen overnight, so remember to never give up and be patient for the results.


What helps you feel confident?

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