The Hydradermie Cellular Energy machine by Guinot provides a revolutionary and customised treatment that rejuvenates the skin and facial features through painless and accessible therapy.

Providing visible results, the Hydradermie Cellular Energy machine is the ultimate alternative to aesthetic medicine. It offers different versions of treatments that can be adapted according to one’s skin type and beauty goals. Such treatments primarily focus on anti-ageing, brightening, purifying, moisturising and deep cleansing through three unique functions – dynamic ionisation, thermic effect and lifting stimulation.

Dynamic Ionisation:

The first phase of the Hydradermie treatment starts with metal rollers being used to deliver dynamic ionisation – a rhythmic 10-minute massage with roller electrodes over the chest, neck and face. Dynamic ionisation, a patented Guinot method, works by transmitting energy to the skin cells, ensuring a quick and effective distribution of the active ingredients in the serum selected according to your beauty objective. Some clients experience a mild tingling sensation at this point, but your therapist will work with you to make the treatment as comfortable and relaxing as possible.



The second phase uses an oxygenating cream and thermal energy to stimulate cell activity and revive the skin’s radiance by boosting cell oxygenation and the skin’s microcirculation. Your therapist will glide gently heated electrodes over your skin for 5 minutes to soothe and help you unwind.


Relaxing Massage and Serum:

The treatment finishes off with a relaxing shoulder, neck and face massage, using various advanced signature massage techniques to further boost the skin, leaving it renewed with a beautiful glow.


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