Yes, I’ll admit it. I love Mondays!

It’s the day when I get back to doing what I love most – helping people overcome their self-imposed limits to become the best version of themselves they could ever be.

I keep hearing about how Mondays are supposed to be blue because the weekend is over and everybody’s going back to work. And so, from Monday, it’s a 5-day wait to the weekend – the supposed party time of the week. Boohoos all around. Well, I don’t get it. If your work is bad enough to have you dreading Mondays, then why the hell are you doing it?

I can think of few things that are worse in life than being forced to drudge along going through the motions in a job you hate, and doing something that doesn’t fulfill you or give you any satisfaction. That’s like a form of modern torture. An exercise in futility and desperation. Who needs that kind of stress? I certainly don’t. And neither do you… unless you’re a few nuts short of a fruitcake, that is.


I see way too many people going through this on a daily basis, and it’s one of the great destroyers of happiness in their lives. Seriously, if you’re going through this right now, you need to stomp on the brakes. Stop burning rubber and just grind to a halt right now. Then gaze around and take a good hard look at your life. If right now, you aren’t loving what you’re doing, then stop doing it, because life is way too short to burn it out like that. You’ll run out of the days of your life a lot faster than you will run out of your excuses. Remember that you’re the boss of your life, every day of it.

Afraid of change?

Yes, change is tough. Sometimes, really tough. It’s going to take a lot of guts, some deeply serious soul-searching and a dizzying leap of faith to get outside the confines of your box. So what else is new? That’s the way it is and will always be. There are no shortcuts to any place worth going in life. You have to earn it. As Arnold Schwarzenegger put it, life is all about reps. Do it again, and again, and again. And then some more. Don’t do it until you get it right. Do it until you absolutely cannot get it wrong. And if you’re still thinking you’re going to get anything handed to you on a shiny silver platter, you probably still believe in Father Christmas, the Tooth Fairy, pixies, goblins and elves, and honest politicians.


So, why waste another day? You can’t afford it. Not one single day. Stop doing what you hate, or what you think you have to do, or what you’ve been told everyone does. Stop it now. And instead, do what you love to do. And believe me, if you do what you love, everything else will follow. So if life is all about reps, and life is a weight pushing down on you, crushing you down, threatening to destroy your dreams, just bench it! Push it right back up to where it belongs. Be in charge. Yes, even if it scares you.

And you will start loving your Mondays! The best damn day of the best damn week of the best damn life you can possibly live.