Have you ever thought about what the items you purchase at the supermarket say about you as a person? Well, You Are What You Buy by Miss K is hoping to answer that question and others, whilst also researching key topics related to commerce.

Performance artist Miss K has teamed with to crowdfund for a multidisciplinary project that will take place at a local supermarket linking art to commerce.

“This project departs from a reflection on our need to affirm ourselves as consumers,” says Kristina Borg, also known as Miss K.“It will take the form of a multidisciplinary collaboration, and will look into the relationship between art and commerce, as well as how the art sphere is influenced by, and reacts to, the capitalist economy. Park Towers Supermarket in St Venera was the setting for the already-completed research, and will also host the final performance where customers are invited to become part of the piece and fully activate the artwork.”


Aside from Ms Borg who’ll be leading the project, the campaign has brought together key professionals, including Italian social anthropologist Virginia Monteforte, Italian academic Silvia Simoncelli and local dramaturg Jean-Marc Cafa’. The final result will include performances by Miriam Calleja, Elise Ellul, Sergio Laferla, Yandrick Agius, Clara Agius and Norman Cristina. The collaboration will result in a set of drawings and a final performance piece at Park Towers, including a collection of wearable items, as well as an exhibition at Spazju Kreattiv, highlighting the documentation of the project.


“This project is all about breaking norms and raising awareness, not just about consumption and the effect of capitalism on us as consumers, but also about how and where we experience art,” Ms Borg continues. “I’d like the public to get involved as much as possible, and to give them the chance to experience a sense of belonging and ownership through it.”

The wearable collection can also be acquired during the performance piece and will be given to crowdfunding backers as a sign of thanks. These items include badges (in return for €8), and screen-printed T-shirts and tote bags (for €15). Other rewards include tickets to the screening of your choice at Spazju Kreattiv (for €22), a set of six coasters illustrating scenes from the final performance piece (for €25) and a unique embroidered autograph (for the highest-possible donation of €200).


“This is an expensive project to make. And, although we’re partially funded by Arts Council Malta’s Malta Arts Funds and in kind by Spazju Kreattiv, we still need further funds to fulfill the production costs. This is where crowdfunding comes in, and we hope that the topic and results will inspire people to support us and get involved. You can help make it happen by joining us in this curious and unconventional move away from the typical art space,” Ms Borg adds.

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