The daytime lingerie trend and nightwear-inspired looks are still going strong and remain the fashion essentials of the season.

Corsets have long been in the lingerie department since their heyday in the 18th and 19th centuries, when women had to endure some serious pain and a lack of oxygen in order to match the unrealistic beauty standards of their time and fake an unattainable narrow waist.

But this now seems to be a thing again, and not a staple solely reserved for the goth and rock community, or indeed Vivienne Westwood. The statement-making accessory has been given a serious upgrade and a completely different aesthetic. It’s also more comfortable! The feminine yet edgy trend has been seen everywhere – from Fall Winter 2016-2017 collections by Prada, WunderkindBalmain and Alexander McQueen, to the streets as seen on Anna Dello Russo, Rihanna, Kim Kardashian and Gigi Hadid.


This season, the corset belt still aims to accentuate your waist without you having to give up breathing, but the main purpose is to add to any look a polished edge. You can still have that touch of 18th century glamour but still maintain a relaxed feel, making this accessory the hottest piece of the season.


In practice, this feminine accessory can make quite the insouciant statement. It really just makes the whole look feel polished.

But how do we actually go about donning a corset belt well? The secret to pulling off the look is to keep the rest of your pieces minimal. Anything super-loud underneath is a big no-no. Otherwise, there’s the risk of looking like a cabaret dancer if you combine it with tight dresses or tops… unless of course this is your thing!


Pair the corset with a loose fitting button-down, oversized monochrome sweater, sweatshirt, or T-shirt for simplicity. It would also look wonderfully purposeful if left undone and layered over shirts and simple dresses. It can even be worn over a coat, as presented on the catwalks. Match the colour of your corset belt with what you’re wearing on top, and your monochromatic fashion-forward look is sorted.

Get your waist into a corset belt and make a statement!