When an internationally acclaimed photographer and a team of top hair artists merge their work, you know there’s going to be some fantastic follicle results.

What is particularly stunning about Daniel Pister‘s shots is the crossover between magazine gloss and relatability. There’s something very human about each model, in that her rawness has been retained in the final photographic product. This is also aided by the excellently crafted yet charismatic and accessible hairstyles created by David Di Bartolo, Maria-Rosa Salemi, Eric Sammartano and Laurent Legal, and Nadia Bouchikhi. Both hairstyle and model are at the forefront of the photograph, as opposed to the model simply being a conveyor of the artistry. Here’s a taster of the work to inspire you for your next spring/summer look:

Shades by Nadia Bouchikhi seeks to crown quirks and imperfections. From reflecting birthmarks to enhancing piebaldism to celebrating freckles, the artist’s styles are not only personalised in style but also in personality. Beige and copper go well with crimped locks and bunned half ponytails, while golden blonde adorns a natural yet elven white streak. The flowing waves of Vanessa Paradis are also recreated with a harmonising parting, focusing on the untouched texture of hair.

Hairstyling: Nadia Bouchikhi for Wella Professionals –  Image credit: Daniel PISTER


Eric & Laurent’s Sun Effect plays with the recreation of sun-kissed locks through blonde tones, with braids and plaiting placed centre stage. The styles cut across bob and long lengths, with messy buns, shaggy back combing and plaited ponytails providing an overall wild and untamed look, particularly when combined with a dark root effect.

Hairstyling: Eric&Laurent for Wella Professionals – Image credit: Daniel PISTER


Maria-Rosa brings out the red coppers in classic tresses and up-dos for Copper Touch. This collection appeals to the woman who’d like to retain a sense of sophistication through her locks, but without compromising boldness. One particular style that stands out is a side up-do with flowing waves cascading along the neckline. Volume is the key player in Maria-Rosa’s collection, where even braids have a distinct thickness.

Hairstyling: Maria Rosa Salemi for Schwarzkopf Professional – Image credit: Daniel PISTER


David Di Bartolo highlights the face with polar and amber blonde through summery waves and sleek cuts. Each style has a wind-swept touch that adorns and shapes the face shape, and a braided fringe is ideal for hot summer days when hair tends to be sweaty and unruly. Natural beach waves make an appearance in both long and short lengths, and vintage 90s double buns add a sense of fun and practicality, perfect for lazy summer days.

Hairstyling: David Di Bartolo for Matrix – Image credit: Daniel PISTER