Chris de Burgh sings the infamous line of I’ll never forget the way you look tonight in Lady in Red.

Well, the man clearly has a point and we can totally understand the allure. Whether it’s scarlet or burgundy, oxblood or rustic red, it’s ideal for all the lovers out there. So whether you have a date night or you’re going out for a dance with your girls, the red dress is the way forward. Get your outfit inspiration and some serious Love Day vibes from the most iconic dresses of all time.

Pretty Woman (1990)

Julia Roberts wearing a divine and red hot gown. The dress pretty much speaks for itself. If you’re going out to a restaurant, you might as well go large and add this iconic dress to your repertoire. Too much? A simple cropped jacket in black would offer a completely different aesthetic on a classy red dress.


The Mask (1994)

This look is all about femininity and sexual appeal, proving that confidence is everything. The figure-hugging and actually quite simple red dress looks utterly gorgeous on Cameron Diaz, and that could be because it’s worn with a cute jacket with matching red embroidery. Hair of course demands to be full volume with a dress like this.


Alexander (2004)

Sometimes more is more. Angelina Jolie’s memorable look from Alexander proves that wearing a bold red colour with statement accessories is the way forward. Besides, if you can’t indulge on beautiful treats on Valentine’s, when can you?


The Notebook (2004)

Anyone else fell in love with Rachel McAdams back in 2004 and still can’t get over her? I doubt it’s just me. This early 60s dress — bright with a retro print — is exactly what represents the young Allie. The dress is cute, simple and easy. Perfect for a date night with the girls. And if you’re staying in, here’s your perfect movie choice.


Funny Face (1957)

Who wouldn’t feel a million dollars in a red dress like this? Make a statement with monochrome shoes and bold red lipstick (hot lips seal the deal) for extra impact, and prepare for glamarama.


Bridget Jones’ Diary (2001)

Roses are red, romance is dead. I’m not suggesting you to stay home hanging around in your pyjamas singing All By Myself. No way. But if you do stay in, just lay down, relax and watch one of these all kinds of Valentine-tastic movies to get some serious Love Day vibes.