The struggle is so real.

If you’re anything like me, then even the smallest of occurrences is enough to push you over the edge. A headache is a brain tumour, a bad day at work is the end of your career, a friend not messaging back is the end of your social life as now everyone hates you.

The biggest problem with overthinking is that it stops you from doing anything. Worrying about one word said during a phone call can literally drain all the creativity and motivation out of you. The worst part about overthinking however, isn’t that we think of all possible bad scenarios, but that we make up scenarios that are so unlikely to happen… But there are ways to overcome overthinking.


Put Things Into Perspective: We all make mistakes, and most mistakes can be easily sorted out or apologised for. You don’t have to consider yourself unemployed, unloved or unable to go on just because of one small wrongdoing.

Be a Person of Action: Most of the time, we overthink because we don’t take action or speak out. We let things fester in our mind, assuming the worst, and getting angry or worried over things that would otherwise be insignificant. Stop and take action. Call the person you think is ignoring you or who you think you’ve wronged. Set that meeting. Get it out of your system.

But, don’t do so in a bad state of mind: One thing which we’re told time and time again is to not say things in anger because we’ll regret them. That is true but, to that, we should also add that we should not make any big decisions when we’re hungry, tired, fed up or not feeling well. All too often, we say things on impulse when we’re not feeling well, and that brings more regret than solace.

Exercise: It’s not just great for losing weight and feeling better! Exercising helps your body physically let go of tensions and your mind to focus on what you’re doing at that particular moment. It takes some time getting into the routine, granted, but the benefits are numerous.

Live in the Now: Shit happens and it’s going to happen to you too. Do your best not to stir it and to avoid it, but don’t spend hours or days wondering what could or might happen. And, if it does happen, then follow the old saying: when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.


So here’s to your new, less worried life!


Do you have any advice to stop people from overthinking?

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