Not all racists wear white hoods.

Assuming that all black people are irregular migrants, refugees or, indeed, foreign. – This may come as a shock to you, but multiculturalism didn’t start in our lifetime. It didn’t even start in our great-great-great-great grandparents’ lifetime, either. Multiculturalism has been a reality for centuries, millennia even. People of all ethnicities have been living and marrying each other for centuries, too… I mean, Pocahontas and John Rolfe did actually get married in England in 1614, you know? So please, don’t assume that someone is not Maltese or British or American or any other nationality just because of their skin colour.

Assuming everyone in Africa is less educated or poorer than you. – Mansa Musa was the Sultan of the West African Kingdom between 1280 and 1337. This man was so rich and powerful that 700 years later, we still read eye-witness accounts and go, “That’s impossible!” Africa was also the home of the Ancient Egyptians, which was the seat of the legendary Library of Alexandria. People in Africa have the same potential as people in Europe, America, Australia and Asia, and they bloody tap into it, as well. People from Africa can be doctors, teachers, scientists… Not everyone is starving on the side of the road, while some Europeans and Americans are. And let’s not forget the many abominable endeavours throughout history trying to ‘scientifically’ prove that black people are not human.


Saying that countries cannot possibly handle more refugees coming in. – Firstly, there’s a huge difference between an irregular migrant and a refugee. A refugee is fleeing war or persecution. Life has already not been kind to these people, all because they were born in a country that’s currently at war or not hospitable. Whenever you say things like ‘Malta cannot possibly host more refugees’, please do keep in mind that neither our peace nor our way of life are a given. We may become refugees ourselves one day should a war break out, or we have a maniac in a government, and we’d do the exact same thing. So… Be kind, not racist. In fact, the Maltese have long been economic migrants pre- and post EU because we know that other countries offer more opportunities than we do.

Believing that they should take up our customs. – Integration is a process by which people from one particular culture become part of another. It doesn’t mean however, that these people have to give up their culture. In many major cities across the world, you can find a China Town; the people who work in China Town follow both Chinese and Western customs. That is what integration is. Asking a woman to remove her burqa simply because you think she’s being oppressed, or expecting someone not to practice their religion just because – in your mind – their religion is evil, is not integration. It’s dictatorship.


Not speaking out against racism. – The world is a scary place, particularly if you’re not a middle class, white, straight male living in a Western country. When you see someone discriminating against someone else; when you hear people speaking negatively about a whole group of people based on their nationality, ethnicity, or religious beliefs, speak out the way you would if someone said that all white people were bitches or all Maltese people lazy. Because that is what it means to not be racist; to believe that we are all equal.

Over and out.