Who is Trudy Kerr in the eyes of Trudy Kerr?

A regular ol’ girl who’s very fortunate enough to be enjoying an incredible adventure.

What had brought you to our shores?

A man with a boat. Seriously. I’d never heard of Malta until I met a guy in the UK who had grown up in Malta and was heading back to live here along with a yacht he’d borrowed. Ironically, I fell in love with Malta, fell out of love with the guy, and he and the boat left a long time ago. Malta has been my home for ten years, and even though I’m still a guest on these islands, the Maltese people seem to have welcomed me enough to let me stay!

How did you get into radio?

Nearly five years ago, I was in a client meeting with the head of one of Malta’s radio stations talking about something completely unrelated. My client had just been appointed head of the station and asked me, “Have you ever done radio? Would you like to give it a go?” A few weeks later, I found myself as a guest presenter on someone else’s show. I went off to Australia for a month and when I came back I found out that I had been given my own show. After four years with the station working in TV and radio, I got a call from Jay offering me The Big Drive Home on XFM. I think it took me about 1.4 seconds to make up my mind about taking the show, and I’m loving every single minute of it.


You’ve got a great energy on the waves! What’s the method behind the madness?

I genuinely love what I’m doing. Every time I put up the fader to go out on the airwaves, I do so with the biggest smile on my face. Radio is one of the best jobs in the world, and the Drive Time is such a great slot. It’s my job to let the listeners know what’s going in, connect with the folk who’ve tuned in, and hopefully entertain at the same time! I also have the opportunity to meet and interview the most amazing people, as well as working with some pretty incredible colleagues. What you hear on the show is me. That really is who I am, just having the best time… And of course, an energy drink or two helps as well!

You’re also a prominent personality in health and fitness. What are your key motivations?

I have to say, I nearly fell off my chair laughing when I read this question! I don’t see myself as someone who is into health and fitness at all. I run marathons, and that means I have to stay healthy and I guess that makes me fit, but running is the motivation. I’m not a natural runner. I don’t have the physique for running at all and up until four or five years ago, I couldn’t even run 100 metres.

Then two things happened. I had a near fatal horse riding accident which left me with a form of epilepsy, and around the same time I headed towards that big and scary birthday. As part of my midlife crisis, I started running with some friends and took part in a few half marathons. Then I decided to apply to run the London Marathon for The Epilepsy Society for the big birthday in question. I was accepted, and in 2014 I ran the London Marathon as my first full marathon and started campaigning for epilepsy charities. Miraculously and ironically, the marathon running and everything related actually cured the epilepsy without ever having taken a single dose of medication. A team from the UK came to make a short documentary about the story, and along with magazine articles, TV appearances and speaking at conferences, I continued to campaign with a brand new epilepsy story, as well as running another four marathons with another two or three again this year. In a few weeks, I’ll be three years clear from the seizures and technically cured from a condition that has no cure. That seems to me a very good reason to keep running.

If you could go back in time and give yourself a piece of advice, what would it be and at which point?

I would tell myself to listen to that gut feeling! Several times in my life I’ve heard that nagging in my stomach telling me that I’m on the verge of making a very good – or very stupid – decision. On the occasions that I’ve ignored my gut feeling, it’s turned out that I was very daft to do so.

If you had to choose some fantasy guests for your show, who’d make the list?

Wow. That is a great question, and one that I often ask people I interview but not had to think about myself. I’ve been fortunate enough to have interviewed some pretty amazing people, and it isn’t always the rich and famous that make the best people to interview; there’s something incredible in everyone. That said, my fantasy list would include Ed Sheeran, Queen Elizabeth II, Lady Gaga and David Attenborough from a life story point of view, and I’d interview Trevor Gutherie again because he is very easy on the eye.