Who is Ben Camille in the eyes of Ben Camille?

Ben is a very simple yet caring person who’s also a massive dog lover and a person who enjoys spending quality time with his friends and family.

Actor, model, presenter… How did all this happen?

I was an ERASMUS student during my second year at University in Ireland. I got extremely homesick and wanted to come back home. I was encouraged to join the drama section of the University which happened to be the same major group that organised the Belfast pantomime. I had no drama experience at all; I couldn’t act, sing or dance to save my life, so I applied for backstage. I made friends there and when the director met me backstage, he insisted that I sign up for a part in panto. Despite my insistence that I’ve got zero experience and that I’d probably make a fool of myself, he still wanted me to try it out. Long story short, I got the role in this panto and I was actually given acting and singing lessons. I instantly fell in love with it, and today it’s become my life.

When I came back in Malta, I took part in Student Fest thanks to a good friend of mine, Matthew Paris. I was then approached by V Squared to star in Klikka, which did very well, and it’s where I met the brains behind Strada Stretta (alongside Justin and Audrey), Steven Dalli. This led me to now being part of an amazing team who are producing what I believe to be one of the best local TV series ever made.

Ben Camille starring as Mario in Strada Stretta, captured by Reno Rapa


You’ve touched upon – very successfully – a number of media, including modelling, acting and even presenting. Of all these, which do you feel most comfortable executing, and what would you like to explore in the future?

Each one is great in its own way. Modelling is something I was born into, as my mum owns a modelling agency called Models M, and I’d see models walk in and out of our house everyday conducting various photoshoots at the studio joint to our house. Acting is something I love, and I must admit that I’ve been spoilt as I feel I’ve worked with some of the most talented people on the island who make what I do look much better than it actually is. This includes Sharp Shoot Media and V Squared.

Presenting is something I love, too. I get to meet so many interesting people and I also get to help a lot of people in need by giving them a voice or a platform to showcase their need or talent. It also gives me a chance to interact and meet a lot of my fans towards whom I’m very humble and grateful.

Image credit: MC Mifsud Photography


What have so far been your greatest achievements, and the biggest challenges you’ve faced?

Being part of Strada Stretta has been an amazing journey – I really feel we’ve broken so many barriers in terms of raising the bar when it comes to Maltese teleseries. Presenting the Malta Eurovision Song Contest was also a fantastic experience, and having my own TV show was something I’ve also wanted.

Challenges are various and not rare in this industry, but again I feel truly blessed to work with some really great people, and of course I’m very lucky to have constant support from people like my mum, who gave me the confidence to be where I am today, as well as people like my dad, my wife without whom I couldn’t have achieved what I have today.

If you had to host a dinner party, who’d be on your fantasy guest list?

I really have a thing for Obama. I very much respect world leaders in general who strive to do good in the name of humanity, and with Obama in particular, I love his charisma. I love how he can talk about the most serious of matters and simultaneously make you laugh.

I’m also a big fan of Ellen Degeneres and Jimmy Fallon – two amazing presenters, I think. I love Ellen for all the work she’s done for the LGBT community, and of course Jimmy Fallon for being multi-talented and so fun to watch.


Malta’s seen a healthy growth in its fashion industry. Where do you think it’s heading now, and what improvements would you like to see?

Ironically enough, I’m not the most fashion-oriented person. My mum is the go-to person for that. In fact, she handles all my fashion do’s and don’ts, and if you ever see me in any no-no outfits, then I probably hadn’t consulted with her.

I do sincerely believe that Carina has done a lot for the fashion industry in Malta through Models M. I believe she represents the most talented models on the island. She’s raised the bar, and more importantly, she’s given the models the appreciation they deserve for their hard work. Clients are now appreciating and giving value to the investment they make when using a top quality model to represent their brand, be it during a fashion or or a full on advertorial campaign.

Talk us through your perfect day.

I’d wake up and do a good workout session with my wife (who’s basically my personal trainer). I’d enjoy some quality time with my dog Simba and with our closest friends and family over a good lunch at Wigi’s which is one of my favourite restaurants, as it’s always so consistent. I’d then head home for a nap, and spend the whole afternoon watching TV series with tea, chocolates and cookies. I’d maybe have a cheat meal in the evening, perhaps a Hugo’s burger.