Steve Hili‘s comedy has taken him all over the world, but for the time being, he finds himself based in London. This year, he’s got stand-up gigs lined up in the UK, Ireland, Australia, Romania and Malta.

His voice and sharp wit have also hit the London airwaves on Colourful, while humour’s also found its way onto the pages of his book titled State of the Nation, which is now available in all major bookshops.

Date of Birth: 24th June, 1978

Location: I live in London

Media-related occupation: Comedian and Comedy writer


You’re a 2-in-1 entertainer: comedian and writer. How do you juggle with your personal and professional life?

My work day is split in two. I’m either performing in the evenings or writing during the day. Juggling personal and professional duties can be difficult, but I’ve got a very supportive wife and that helps. We try to find some time together – just for “us” – during the week. So that might be a morning when she starts work a bit later or an evening when I’m not performing. We also like taking holidays which help us switch off from everything.

What makes you different from other comedians?

My style is very energetic and in-your-face. I enjoy being naughty on stage which means that some people might be turned off, but that doesn’t matter. It’s all a question of finding your own audience. Not everyone is going to enjoy what you do, so what’s the point of trying to please everyone? It’s therefore important to be true to yourself.


What’s the best thing about being on stage?

With regards to comedy, when you’re in the zone and reaching people on a certain level, you’re getting each other. There’s no feeling in the world like that. And that’s why I prefer stand-up to other disciplines like acting. It’s a two-way street and it all depends on how you and the audience are getting along. With stand-up, no two shows are the same because they cannot be.

Any behind-the-scenes anecdotes you can share?

With stand-up, a lot of things happen on stage rather than off it. I’ve had someone propose to his girlfriend during a gig before. That was awesome. She said yes, but then again it was probably very hard for her to say no at that point! Acting-wise, I was once in a show where I was supposed to be having a shower on stage, but the actors swapped my shower gel for hair-removal cream. I had streaks all over my chest for weeks.

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When you’re not acting or writing, what do you do that gives you equal pleasure?

I enjoy football more than anything. If I had been good enough, I would have loved to have been a footballer. I am an avid Everton fan, so I go to watch them at Goodison Park as much as possible.