It is now February, so it’s time to start taking those New Year’s resolutions seriously.

If you’re anything like me, then you had probably broken most of your resolutions by the 2nd January. This year, however, I decided to spend my first month of the year actually thinking about what I needed to change in my life, rather than kick-start the year on a I’m-not-good-enough-must-change-myself footing.

The trick with resolutions, I’ve discovered, is to make sure they’re easy enough to get them done without much effort, but big enough to actually make a difference.

Exercise More: If gym memberships could be redeemed as food vouchers, my love handles would be thrice the size they are now… And they’re not exactly small as it is. Instead of going to the gym or forcing myself to go jogging five times a week, this time I’m going to make sure I incorporate exercise in my day-to-day life. No lifts, parking five minutes away from my final destination, and no going to Valletta by car. See, in Malta – unlike when I lived in Edinburgh – we tend to drive everywhere for everything. We don’t walk to train stations or the off-licence. That’s not exactly healthy!


Read More: As someone whose job includes writing, I find it very difficult to actually sit down and read a book… Ironic, I know. But this year, I’ve invested in an e-reader to ensure that I’m never caught without a book. This works great when commuting to Valletta by bus, too!

Decluttering: I’m a bachelor who lives in a bachelor pad… The mess is quite unreal sometimes. So, once a week, I now spend two hours going through every room sorting things out, throwing out things I don’t need, and filing papers. It’s a commitment, but the house looks ten times better and I can find things more easily… Stress be gone!


Making Lists: All too often, we go through life wishing for more but not knowing what we want exactly. We say we want to be happy, but what does that even mean? So I’ve started making lists of things I want in the areas of love, employment, finances and travel. Once I actually write something down, I spend a couple of minutes thinking about how I could actually achieve it and start planning towards it. If you don’t want anything that final, you could also make lists of things you need to do. If anything, it’s a few things off your mind!

Speaking Out: It’s hilarious, but people are either super complacent or super aggressive. I’m part of the former, but this year I’ve decided to start speaking out. If I don’t like something a friend does, I tell them. If I’m not happy with the service at a coffee shop, I tell the management. It takes getting used to but, trust me, you’ll feel much better!


So, think about it. What can you do to make your life better?


You’ve heard James’s drill.

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