Dealing with curly unruly locks can be so draining and frustrating! We’re the ones that use hot rolling curlers and curling irons to straighten our hair out, and if we’re not careful, it’ll still frizz up. So, I hope that some or all of these tips may help you in dealing with this problematic hair issue!

Keep curly hair cut and trimmed – On a regular basis, try to keep your curls trimmed or cut to remove split ends. Unlike other types of hair, naturally curly hair has a tendency to expose split ends more conspicuously, causing it to look duller and dingy. These basic trims should be fairly inexpensive to maintain, and a good local salon with reasonable prices should do the trick.


Seek a specialist – Getting a stylist who specialises in curly hair can work wonders; I’ve done it myself. Each type of curly hair is different, and a styling expert can give you knowledge and tips that are unique to your curly hair type. Naturally curly hair can be more difficult than other types of hair. A hair-cutting specialist that knows the ins and outs of layering, trimming and cutting curls can help ease your strife in styling and maintaining your wild mane.

An up-do will do – Are you short on time, and are you worried about those frizzies and fly-aways that come with curly hair? If you don’t have time to style and add all of your usual styling products, try putting your curly hair in a loose bun or any other easy up-do. I’ve noticed that when my curly hair is particularly unruly from the humidity and other harsh elements, putting my hair up solves the problem quickly. A loose ponytail in the back may also serve to be a useful hairstyle.


Wash your hair at night – One trick I actually use personally is washing my hair at night. It seems to dry less frizzy when I wash my hair then sleep on it to let it dry. When I get out of the shower, I towel dry the hair just to get rid of the drenching water. Then, I apply mousse, styling gel and the other needed hair products. After that, I just go to sleep on it. I’ve noticed that if I wash it right before I go to bed, it actually looks better. For whatever the reason, a bed head is less frizzy if it’s curly… at least in my case it is, so it’s worth a shot.

Try sulfate-free – It’s recommended by some hair styling authorities to start using sulfate-free products on curly hair. Sulfate is often found in shampoos, but sulfate-free shampoos are available worldwide and may just be one of the tricks for helping your curly hair along. Also, it’s not recommended to overdo it with shampoo in general. Too much of it in general can dry out curly hair.