Kill The Action is a band which is not afraid to experiment with different sounds and ideas. They blend the organic element of a live band with layers of different synth textures and percussion loops, giving a predominant feel of electronica. Simon Deguara is responsible for the electronic element, vocals and recording/production of the band’s material.

Date of Birth: 12th November, 1978

Location: B’Kara

Star sign: Scorpio

Media related occupation: Music producer/Vocalist


How did KTA come to life and where is the band heading?

Some years ago, I was asked by Andre (KTA’s guitarist) to give my input on an idea he had with a fellow musician, Herman. They had heard of my synth based project, Digital Black, and wanted that kind of sound for their band. Mark Zammit was asked to join on drums. Having previously been in bands with him, we knew he was the obvious choice due to his powerful and precise drumming. Several years on, KTA’s sound is constantly evolving. 2016 has been a busy year for us. Two video releases, four live appearances and lots and lots of writing. We’re still hyped from our last performance at ALT NYE, and we’re looking forward to the projects we have in the pipeline for 2017.


Can you recall the first time you performed in front of an audience?

Our first gig was in July 2016 at Rock the Beach in Sliema. It was a positive experience. As musicians, we’re always keen to project our vision to the audience, and we learnt a lot from that gig.

When you’re not singing, what else gives you equal pleasure?

It all revolves around music. When I’m not singing, I’m either recording or producing material for KTA or any of my other two side projects, Mothmen and Digital Black, both of which have planned releases in the near future.


How limited is life in a band in Malta?

It used to be much more limited in the 90’s when I started. I believe that with the introduction of social media, all bands and artists have more of an equal chance. Of course, bands in Malta could really benefit from some more performance venues.

How does your style generally go down with your audiences?

We’re getting some very good feedback following our shows. The audience is enjoying the fresh sound and we’re highly motivated.

In your opinion, how does Malta fare with the rest of the world in terms of music?

Personally, I think there’s a lot of potential, and in fact there are quite a few artists who’ve made a name for themselves abroad. The key is perseverance, commitment to your art and thinking outside the box.