At the dawn of a new year, it’s natural to feel the need to leave the past behind and embark upon something new. The year 2016 has been a pretty tough year when it comes to trends, and we can’t wait to leave these behind. Don’t we deserve better?

The fashion world wants our attention, and the easiest and fastest way to grab it is with bigger statements and provocative fashion trends. That leaves us with questionable style tips, including everything from naked dresses to chain mail. Let’s learn from past mistakes and draw out a lesson on how to nail a going-out look that’s sexy and not trashy.

Naked Dresses

The dress with the nearly waist-high slit will certainly turn heads. That’s why celebrities like Bella Hadid, Ciara and Giulia Salemi choose to pull off the risky look. Sure, a flash of leg brings sensual appeal to any going-out outfit. But what’s going to happen if a breeze kicks up? Having a Marilyn moment in a dress like is a recipe for disaster. No one, believe you me, no one wants to see that. You don’t want to experience that.

Giulia Salemi


Chain mail

There’s sex appeal, and then there’s looking like you’re auditioning for an adult movie. The attention-grabbing chain mail style tank dresses, tops and skirts have been given a whole new life, since futuristic designs are back in fashion. However, this is a trend that looks absolutely beautiful on a magazine cover. Put it on a real woman, and the results are rather different. Putting your nipples on show like Kim Kardashian or wearing a see-through chain mail piece with nipple pasties like Bella Hadid, Rita Ora or Nicki Minaj is not the best idea. Where is your sense of self-respect, ladies? Having said that, wearing a chain mail-style top with a bralette underneath and teamed with the right bottoms does look good and positively medieval.

Kim Kardashian



This year, underwear was outerwear. You know, it’s almost like a bralette has become an extreme version of a crop top worn by celebrities like Rihanna, Emily Ratajkowski and Kardashian-Jenner sisters. These celebrities have traded elegant gowns for bralettes, showcasing them on the red carpet. And if a few years ago, the difference between an abbreviated top and the actual bra was evident, this year, we can hardly distinguish the two. All we’re saying is, there’s a time and place to wear a bralette, but a formal event is not it.



Nipples on Display

We’ve already written about the major bra boycott that floored the internet this year. This is one of those fashion trends we should definitely leave in 2016 in order to have a less-objectifying year than the last. Aren’t you tired of seeing celebrities putting breasts on parade? We’ve had enough of see-through tops and dresses this year to last a lifetime. We have got to make room for some fresh ideas. Here’s to the most stylish year yet!

Rosie Huntington Whiteley