Are the people you’re living with driving you up the wall?

I’ve recently decided to move in with a group of people I didn’t know too well… A grave mistake if there ever was one, granted, but due to the circumstances I found myself in, I had very little choice. As things go, within a few weeks, things weren’t working out at all but, thankfully, I had been in that situation before, so I knew how to handle it.

Addressing the Issues – People can’t read your mind, so you’ll have to let them know when things are bugging you. It’s also not wise to let things fester because this leads to unnecessary resentment. So, whether it’s an issue of cleanliness, them being too loud, or them leaving things lying about, sit them down and speak to them calmly. And, no, you can’t do it via text.


Be Smart and Sensible – Attacking someone will not get you very far. Instead, think about how you can best put your point across without hurting the other person. Explain the situation, give clear examples of what’s bothering you, show them that you’re not angry but would just like to see a change, be willing to negotiate, understand that they’re also there and paying rent, and be confident and assertive.

This May Not Be a One-Time Thing – Some people learn quickly. Others need some more time to get it. Don’t be afraid of bringing up the issue again if your flat or housemates didn’t get the message. But once again, nip it in the bud. Don’t just assume they’re doing it to vex you. Maybe they’ve forgotten. Maybe on this particular day, they really couldn’t help themselves. So sit them down again and express how you feel again. Nevertheless, if it keeps on repeating itself, you’ll need to be firmer and make it clear that you won’t be taking their crap for much longer.

Call It Quits – Hey, we’re not all Mother Teresa. Sometimes you just need to tell people to sod off. So if the situation is becoming unbearable, consider leaving or kicking them out. This obviously depends on the situation but if, for example, your flat mate is not paying their share of the rent, then fair enough, I say!


Well, I hope that helps you out as much as it has me. Unfortunately, I’m out on my ass again as I couldn’t take the 4am, rowdy cooking sessions.


Do you have any more advice on how to deal with unruly house or flat mates?

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