At the age of 14, Fiona Cauchi was very much into drama, intent on pursuing a career as a stage actress. As a very shy and introvert teenager, Fiona found lots of solace in the subject, as it gave her the confidence she lacked at the time.

Having found little opportunities except in school plays back then (with Frank Tanti as her drama teacher), Fiona found herself gliding on a different level. Music was her second home and there she could display her emotions in a different way, and so began her musical career, which has become Fiona’s main power house. An opportunity to act on local television came as a pleasant surprise in 2016, as she was introduced by Henry Zammit Cordina to Rewind Productions, who gave her the chance to star as Jennifer in the popular Sunday TV drama Manwela. “Times are good and I’m enjoying the journey; it gets interesting everyday,” states Fiona in this interview.

Date of Birth: 19th December, 1977

Location: St Julian’s

Star Sign: Sagittarius

Media-related occupation: Singer, Musician and TV Actress


You’re both a singer and an actress. What has so far been your best experience in your career?

I cannot say which has been the best because both singing and acting are very different to each other. Of course, my musical career is longer, so there’s lots to say about it. Meanwhile, my acting portfolio is only a few years old. I’ve had many highlights in my singing career – too many to mention actually – but the best one was in 2010 when I had the opportunity to duet with David Knopfler in an unplugged concert at the Manoel Theatre. I met a great man with a big heart and feet firmly on the ground, and he taught me how to be humble. Apart from the singing element, which for me was a thrill to experience with such a big icon, I could see how lovely it is to be so great, yet so down to earth.


Any behind-the-scenes anecdotes you can share with us?

Of course! Actually, it’s something I’m really embarrassed about, but I really cannot help it. Those pesky laughing fits! We’d be filming and if God forbid I hear anybody sneeze or think about something which makes me laugh, there I go giggling my heart out till I manage to calm myself down. Unfortunately, not everybody’s amused, so that makes it even more embarrassing, but nonetheless it takes a while till my laughing engine gives up!

What’s your general perception of the local music and drama scenes?

What can I say? I’m just amazed by how much talent there is on this island in both fields. It’s comforting to say the truth, because it means that all efforts are more appreciated this way. As for opportunities, let’s say that they’re growing. There were less in times gone by, but now they are growing. Slowly, but surely.

Do you have any particular singers or bands who’ve shaped your love of music?

Of course there are! Roxette (when I was younger), Shania Twain, Sheryl Crow, Diana Krall, Norah Jones… Let’s say those are the main. I love listening to good music, and I do listen to many artists, but these are my all-time favourites.


How do you combine all your passions with your daily routine?

Now that’s the million dollar question! That’s the biggest daily challenge. For the record, I’m in the process of learning the violin, and I’m also a big fitness freak, so I have to fit in my full time job as a primary school secretary together with music, fitness and acting. Thankfully, I have an immensely understanding partner who never discourages me from doing anything. I actually owe so much to him that I cannot express myself in words on a piece of paper or in an interview which everybody can read.