Men over the age of fifty are recommended to get their prostate checked by a doctor for any risk of cancer. This includes feeling it by hand through the anal passage. It can also be massaged from the inside to stimulate circulation and better health.

Less known is the similar but smaller female prostate, usually known as the uretha. This is found a little way into the vagina, and it’s considered to be close to the G-spot. It’s also shaped like a ball, and a finger can move around the curved surface.

Thought to be a recent discovery, stimulation of this gland and female ejaculation have in fact been recorded for over 2000 years. It had been mentioned by Aristotle, and shown in the ancient Kama Sutra. In Eastern traditions, female ejaculation was considered to be the sacred nectar, Amrita, and would be used to drink and to rub into the skin of women and men to bring long life. Slovakian Prof. Milan Zaviacic was possibly the first modern scientist to study this in depth since 1980.


Despite the physical difference of the male and female body, there are many similarities. Women, when aroused, also have an erection, although less obvious than in the man. Blood rushes to the clitoris as well as to the inner and outer labia – the yoni lips. The arousal also supplies the lubrication ready for sexual connection. The man also has some lubrication inside the penis / lingam.

Few women expel a lot of liquid during sex. This is not urine as many fear and feel embarrassed about. It’s actually the female ejaculation which most women have heard of but don’t experience. Female ejaculation, also known as squirting, is the liquid which comes from the upper opening above the female prostate. Some women can achieve this with slow sensitive self-touch, a better option to pulsating sex toys which reduce her sensitivity. Ejaculation can occur separately from orgasm, or at the same time.


Hard, pounding sex can miss the point. A curved finger with a soft touch is more likely to bring ejaculation to a highly aroused woman. In fact, most women find more pleasure from soft slow touch than from hard sex. A partner can learn to gently stroke the female prostate and sometimes apply small pressure which can cause ejaculation to take place. It’s good to give light touch to a wide area of the whole yoni and beyond, especially the inside of the legs and the around the bottom, coming back to the prostate when arousal is high, as it becomes more accessible. To ejaculate, the woman needs to be really relaxed.


Squatting is one good position to make it more accessible, and squatting over the man, and sliding gently along his erection (without penetration) can be particularly stimulating. In this position, she is more open, and the curved female prostate can be visible. For a woman who has developed the sensitivity and ability to ejaculate, there’s no need for penetration. She can quickly be aroused to this by the right touch, and conscious breathing helps, as well as being present. She can also use her vaginal muscles to add to the effect.

For most women this takes patience and training, and the man also needs to be guided to this little used technique. In the East, where sexuality has not been repressed and not used to create guilt in people’s minds, the yoni / vulva / vagina is considered to be the sacred Temple, and the gateway to divinity. Men come to the Temple with reverence and respect. Sexuality is the spirituality. They’re not separated like they are in the West.

Women can learn to not only enjoy ejaculation, but to also not be embarrassed about this fluid of nature.