It really wasn’t all bad!

We’ve all commented about how bad 2016 was, but there were some pretty amazing things happening in Malta nonetheless!

LGBTQI Rights – Malta became Europe’s first country to give legal protection to trans, intersex and gender diverse people for their bodily autonomy and civil equality. The government also launched a policy to give trans inmates separate accommodation and access to procedures for gender recognition, health services and mental health support. I mean… How cool are we?


Morning-After Pill – After years of hushed debate, a group of courageous women made the introduction of the morning-after pill into pharmacies possible – and without a prescription! What a time to be alive in Malta.

Charity – You know, we can be racist and unwelcoming, but on the 26th December of every year, we always do our part for those who are less fortunate than we are. Of course, that spirit should be kept up on a daily basis and extended to all people no matter their religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation or life choices, but as far as it goes, raising €5.5 million in 12 hours for charity is pretty amazing.

The Presidential Speech – The most iconic moment in politics in 2016 was the President’s speech on Republic Day. Sticking up for hapless immigrants and telling politicians to sort out their act was quite possibly the most courageous thing the President could have done. That day, she truly represented all of us.

Image source: Maltatoday


So if 2016 has got you feeling down, remember that there’s still hope for and on this tiny island!


Can you think of any other amazing things that happened in Malta in 2016?

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