Date of Birth: 30th April, 1988

Location: B’Kara

Star Sign: Taurus

Media-related occupation: Singer with Weeping Silence

Though guitarist Mario Ellul and drummer Angelo Zammit had founded Gothic doom band Weeping Silence back in 1998, Diane Camenzuli has been their front singer since 2012. The band has in fact seen various line-up changes along the years. The other members of the band are Dario Pace Taliana as vocalist, Alison Ellul on keyboards, Manuel Spiteri as second guitarist and Sean Pollacco on bass.

The band has released four studio albums in its career. The latest is Opus IV Oblivion, released by German record label Massacre Records in 2015. This is Weeping Silence’s first album to feature Dario and Diane.

With the addition of Dario and Diane, the band’s been very busy performing club gigs and other festivals around Europe, and writing music.

Image above: Weeping Silence – Image credit: Steven Muliett


You’ve been the front singer of Weeping Silence since 2012.  Where is the band now heading?

Since we’ve been playing abroad, we’ve gained a lot of exposure. Small shows and bigger festivals are leading to bigger opportunities for us, and this is how we’re climbing the ladder. We’ve already supported many bands whom we’ve followed for many years, so we’re basically doing our best to further promote our music. The band, together with our management, Alpha Omega, is working very hard to obtain such rewarding experiences.

How limited is life in a band in Malta?

All band members have other commitments outside of the band. We juggle between family, hobbies, work, exercise, etc… Our commitment, brotherhood, passion for music and creativity is what keeps us going forward and what gives us the motivation to go on against all odds. It’s far from easy to fully embark on our lateral career in the music industry. In our position, we’ve not yet achieved a point where we can leave our daytime jobs.

With regards to limitations, one must have good time and stress management skills. There are other external factors that come to mind. For example, living on an island makes it much more difficult to play shows abroad, as opposed to other bands from mainland Europe. Our only option is to travel by plane. Having said all this, I believe our will is what limits us after all. When things go wrong behind the scenes, and when facing challenges becomes tiring, one has to be resilient and still eager to carry on.

Image above: WS at Metaldays Slovenia – Image credit: Bloodography


How does your style of music generally go down with your audiences?

Our music is very particular. I like to describe it as a niche within a niche. People that attend our gigs are usually very loyal followers of the metal scene. I’m quite happy with the warm welcome we’ve always been given abroad, even from people who’ve never heard of us.

What’s your general perception of the local music scene?

The local metal scene has been growing stronger over the past couple of years. Being such a small population, the amount of followers is quite remarkable. Most of this is thanks to the numerous festivals and events being organised yearly on our tiny island, such as the Malta Doom Metal Festival, Xtreme Metal Assault, and our very own Metal Over Malta Festival, which is organised by the same members of Weeping Silence. Metal Over Malta will enter its third edition in March 2017.

Such events and festivals give local bands the opportunity for exposure. Also, there’s been quite an increase in foreign bands playing on local soil lately, so fans can get the chance to see their idols on stage and meet them in a very warm environment.

Image above: Diane Camenzuli – Image credit: Craig Andrews


When you’re not singing, what else do you do that gives you equal pleasure?

Physiotherapy is not just a job for me, but a profession that fulfills me. It gives me a deeper meaning to life, and thus it gives me a different kind of satisfaction. I also love to compose music, gardening, and enjoying life with my close friends and family.