Go on a diet, go to the gym…

We all made these and other New Year resolutions, and broke them. Many years ago, I reacted against these with a resolution to make no resolutions. Now, older and wiser, I have a different perspective, and I’d like to share these suggestions with the reader.

Focus on what you can do for others, rather than what you can get for yourself.

Give time and money for good causes, which can include running errands for an elderly person, or offering to teach a language or a subject you’re great at.

Leave behind what you don’t need. We carry baggage which gives us stress and pain. What can you walk away from? What possessions are not necessary? Give them away to someone who needs them, or bin them. Which people drain your energy? Keep positive company.

And trust that all will work out for the best. It’s too easy to be sucked into the negativity and fear of media reporting. Bad things happen, there are crazy people doing inhumane things, often claiming to be following religious beliefs. Focusing on them gives them energy and builds unnecessary fear.


Be kind to people and animals. Give a smile to people; give food to a homeless person.

Leave your country clean. Take your rubbish home, or put it into the bins provided. Throwing cigarette packets out of the car window, or dumping bags of litter into nature are most unsociable actions. Leaving beer cans and plastic bottles at the beach leads to a sea full of pollution.

Be courteous driving your car. Let someone out of a side road, watch for pedestrians and bikes. Be patient. Gaining a place in traffic by dangerous overtaking is not acceptable and leads to nothing. Use your indicators; they tell other drivers your intentions. So many drivers don’t use them! Allow the bus to pass through a narrow street before you. This allows traffic to flow.

Eat consciously, and buy food consciously. Too much bread and meat are not healthy. Fruits and vegetables are essential to good health. Google alkaline foods and use them. Most illness is caused by too much acid in the body.

Move, walk, dance, breathe and keep the body flexible and your energy flowing. Consider yoga, massage, sport or dance classes. Indulge in the artistic things you love.

Finally, love yourself. Only speak kind words to yourself. Negative words give negative energies and emotions. Give yourself ‘me time’ for at least 20 minutes a day. Soak in the bath with candles, cover yourself in coconut oil, keep a diary, record your feelings. Live in your heart, not in your mind.

Live consciously. Have a happy, healthy and blissful 2017.