In celebration of Aldo Cauchi Savona‘s miraculous recovery, a multi-disciplinary project is currently looking to be crowdfunded on, bringing together established artists in the name of positivity.

Inwardly Silent, is working to bring poetry, music, performance, dance, film and photography together as a salute to Aldo Cauchi Savona’s courage, following his road accident in September 2014.

“Aldo’s traffic accident was a shock to us all, and in the four months he was in a coma, we weren’t sure what would happen next,” says Nicole Cuschieri, who is coordinating the project. “Thankfully, he did come out of his coma and started to recover. The road, however, has been long and full of obstacles for Aldo. For starters, he had to relearn everything, including speech, walking and his gift of photography.” Twenty-two months later, Aldo has managed to regain both his passion and his talent for taking photos.

Photo credit: Ken Scicluna 

Prior to the accident, Aldo had been collaborating with his friend and poetess Miriam Calleja on a project combining photography and poetry. Miriam and Aldo both still wish to go ahead with the collaboration, and so have teamed up with Ms Cuschieri to add some layers to the project. As a starting point, they encouraged Aldo to keep a journal, recording his thought processes, feelings and insights. The journal then inspired Miriam’s poetry, as well as a short film, musical pieces and immersive theatre, all focusing on Aldo’s positive outlook on life.

“The most important message Inwardly Silent is trying to convey is Aldo’s attitude in a time of such hardship,” continues Ms Cuschieri. “His positivity is infectious, and he’s never angry or frustrated. He’s accepted the situation he’s in and is working towards changing it every day. To us, as his friends, he’s taught us just how precious life is and how valuable each moment has to be… We want to pass that lesson on and share Aldo’s story so that, hopefully, he can inspire many others.”

The project, which will take place at the Wignacourt Catacombs between the 27th and the 29th January 2017, will include performances by Joseph Zammit, Karl Cassar, Marilu Vella, Veronica Stivala, Mariele Zammit, Clara Agius and Lukas Orphéo Schneider; with choreography by Brandon Shaw and music composed by Alex Vella Gregory.

Speaking about the project, ZAAR manager Matthew Caruana said that, “This is an example of people coming together and working towards a common goal that can benefit many individuals. We’re proud to be the platform of choice for the team behind Inwardly Silent, particularly as Aldo’s story has touched all of us here at ZAAR.”

Inwardly Silent hopes to raise just €800 to turn this ambitious dream into reality, and to bring Aldo’s deepest thoughts to life. Rewards for backers include personalised notes from Aldo, photographic & poetic prints, early-bird tickets to the show and even personal photography sessions with Aldo himself. To show your support, please visit

Inwardly Silent is also partly funded by the Malta Arts Fund.