Extra show announced for the 14th January at 3pm.

Audiences can’t seem to get enough of the Comedy Knights this year – yet another show has been announced, this time on the 14th January at 3pm. “This will be the final addition to the run,” says producer and director Wesley Ellul.

The Comedy Knights have been entertaining audiences with the fourth installment of their show since Boxing Day, and the entire run has been sold out. The most popular sketches including the Three Kings, Panama the Panto, the Traffic Solution, the Balluta Boys and the return of Mixal and the Sliema Girls.

As always, the show at the Salesians Theatre in Sliema features performances by Chris Dingli, Marc Cabourdin, Jo Caruana, Pia Zammit, Steve Hili, Colin Fitz and Tom Camilleri. This year, they’ve also been joined by London-based Maltese actress Chantelle Micallef Grimaud, who has also proved very popular with audiences.

Though tickets are very scarce for all-but this recently-announced matinee performances, a few tickets are still available for the 8pm shows on the 13th, 14th and 15th January. For more information visit