Date of Birth: 25th December, 1993

Location: Iklin

Star Sign: Capricorn

Media-related occupation: Pianist / Singer / Actress

After being born into a musical family, Analise Mifsud’s whole life and work has revolved around music. She had started studying the piano with her mother at the age of five, and achieved her A.T.C.L. diploma in piano in 2010 and her L.T.C.L. diploma in 2012. She’s performed in France, Germany and Spain, and was chosen to attend a piano Masterclass in Sicily in 2007, where she performed in concerts in Syracuse and Troina.

As a singer, Analise is a classically trained soprano, but she also enjoys singing pop. She was awarded the Exhibition Award from Trinity College London for achieving the highest marks from Europe in her singing exams. In 2014, she graduated from the University of Malta with a B.A. (Hons) in Music, and is now a piano and singing teacher.

Analise also has a passion for acting, plays the organ, directs a choir, and enjoys composing both music and lyrics, winning the Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza with her own original song Kuraġġ in 2015. Analise is currently working with the team of the local, weekly television programme Min Imissu.



You’re a pianist, singer and actress. How would you say your vision has evolved over these phases?

I started out on the piano, but my love for singing was there from as early as I can remember. I was always getting involved in choirs, school orchestras and plays. When asked what I wanted to be when I grow up, I’d always say a music teacher, actress and singer. So I guess I’m really lucky to be following my dream, even more so now that I’m doing these three things together. They go very well hand-in-hand since they’re all related to each other, and that helps you to get as much experience and career opportunities as possible.

Lately we’ve been seeing you on Min Imissu. Can you tell us more?

Min Imissu has definitely been my favourite experience yet. It gives me the perfect opportunity to do precisely what I love best, all three things at once, while giving me the exposure I need. I portray a variety of characters – Gina with the band Hospital Expressions, the Dottoressa, Marigold Mich, and Agnes the Old Lady. I also accompany Andreana as a vocalist on the piano. I think that the programme in itself is breaking boundaries for local television with regards to the quality of satirical comedy it’s putting through. The feedback the whole team gets is just amazing.

In your opinion, is there something lacking in Malta in terms of career development in one of your fields?

Being a small island, Malta has its advantages and disadvantages as always. Personally, I find that without working as a music teacher, the financial situation would be quite tricky to survive with being solely a performer. But in a way that leads you to add other experiences to the list, such as working as an accompanist for students and other musicians in concerts and exams, playing and singing in religious services or other activities etc… I also think that Malta is an excellent launch pad for an artist to gather enough experience in the performing arts before seeking to move their interest abroad.



When you’re not acting, singing or playing the piano, what do you do that gives you equal pleasure?

I have to be honest: These three things – apart from being my work and source of income – are my hobbies, hence my pleasure in doing all of them. They take up most of my time; be it acting, singing or playing, you need to find the time to study scripts, carry out vocal exercises, maintain your technique on the piano etc… Whenever I do get some free time, I like dedicating it to composing, as that helps me hone in on my creative side. I have other hobbies as well – reading, listening to music, and I really love animals and nature!

If you had to meet any artist, who would it be and what would you talk about?

There are quite a few, but I’dve loved to meet Astor Piazzolla if he were still alive. His music and his originality of revolutionising the style of tango with other elements would be a marvelous topic to discuss for years.