Though she be but little, she is fierce. – William Shakespeare, A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Yes, Bardy. That we be, indeed. Vertically challenged females have it rough, but we are nonetheless fighters in a world that towers above us. Here are a few tips on how to rock being petite:

Stand tall – Tyrion Lannister taught us that we should wear our flaws like armour, so that they can never be used to hurt us. Embrace your height and gender. Being short doesn’t make you any less human and deserving of respect. A lot of petite women encounter condescending attitudes in the workplace because of their height, and it’s important that you are assertive and call it out as diplomatically as possible, especially if it makes you feel undermined or uncomfortable.



Stand tall (literally) – Almost everyone falls into the trap of slouching or stooping, be they tall or short. Working on your posture will not only help you take in your full height and rediscover a few inches, but it’s also incredibly beneficial for your spine. So elongate your torso and look ahead!

Hail the Heel – Some of you may disagree with this, but I’ve found that heels, especially platforms, can give you that confidence boost which we sometimes need. I’ve been walking around in platforms for so long now that I often forget how short I actually am. My ears actually pop every time I dismount them (just kidding). Platforms are way more comfortable than flat heels, as the pressure is more evenly distributed across the foot’s surface area. They also elongate your ankles and make your calf muscles taut, thus bringing out the best in our little legs.



Step it up – You may want to keep a step stool around the house, especially in the kitchen. This will save you from having to clamber on top of any worktops and risk any injuries. In fact, you may want to take it a step further (pun intended) and keep one in your car! Some petite women actually carry one around with them in case they can’t reach something at the supermarket, or if the bathroom mirrors are too high up for them.

Double workout – Scarlett Johansson has occasionally remarked on how she has to work twice as hard to maintain her physique because of her height. Not that you need any excuse to exercise, but sticking to an intense workout will help you stick to an ideal weight that is proportional to your height, and be sure to follow a healthy and filling diet; don’t give yourself a hard time!



Needle and thread – Most petite women have spent a fortune on getting every single pair of trousers, jeans and maxi dresses altered. True, some items require a skilled and professional hand, but a lot of hem lines are simple enough for you to learn how to do them yourself. Alternatively, some jeans that are too long for your legs can be rolled up and transformed into ankle grazers; a very chic and flattering style.

Trick of the eye – When it comes to patterns, a few trusty optical illusions can help you make the most of your stature. Vertical stripes lengthen your person, while cinched waists and deep V necks bring out the hourglass in your petite frame. Also, go for high rise jeans and Brazilian bikini bottoms to give your hips a heightened appearance.



How else do you handle being petite? 

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