Date of Birth: 18th March, 1980

Location: From St Julian’s, but now living in St Venera

Star Sign: Pisces

Media-related occupation: Scriptwriter & Production Assistant with DBA Entertainment Ltd.

Glen Callus had started his acting career as an extra in various local TV series, and then moved on to a couple of small speaking parts in L-Evanġelisti, Deċeduti and F’Salib it-Toroq.

His first big role was in It-Tfal on ONE TV, three and a half years ago. Thanks to that, Glen met Jason Zerafa, who approached him and offered him to team up on a script writing adventure, and make his dream of having his own TV series aired on a local TV station a reality. That dream manifested itself in the form of Division 7.


Image credit: John Galea –  Director: Jason Zerafa


Can you recall the first time you performed in front of a camera or audience?

My first time speaking in front of a camera was in L-Evanġelisti, but I only had the one scene. The first fully developed character was John in It-Tfal. It was a wonderful experience where I met a lot of experienced people in the media industry, and thanks to that, I learned a lot and it gave me the chance to join DBA Entertainment.

How do you combine your passions with your daily routine?

Being just an actor already takes a lot of your free time, but being part of the production team is completely different. Acting becomes just a small part of your daily duties. Production requires much more work and time, but I have no regrets and if I had to go back in time, I’d do it all over again!


Image credit: John Galea – Director: Jason Zerafa


How limited is life with regards acting in Malta?

Acting in local productions cannot be considered as a part-time job, since it’s not paid so much and more done as a hobby and for the sheer love of the performing arts. Acting helps in self-confidence, making new friends, and opening your mind to new things. You get to look forward to the audience’s feedback as it’s the most satisfying part.

What has so far been your most difficult portrayal?

Matthew in Division 7! The character I’m playing now is completely different from who I am in real life. Glen would behave differently from Matthew in most of the situations he’s facing, and maybe this is why I’m so in love with this character.

In your opinion, what challenges do Maltese actors face nowadays?

Unfortunately, a small part of the audience still thinks that if certain things are done by foreign productions, it’s allowed and could be funny or real, while if done in a Maltese series it’s a disgrace and a shame. Some people need to change their mentality and open their minds to what they see on television. They need to see past scenes which they might deem to simply be bad examples to children. Drug dealing, (which is the topic of Division 7), unfortunately, is an everyday situation, and it’s easy as ABC to find it in every corner of every location in Malta and abroad. Rather than criticising it and quit watching it, one should try to learn how and where it is, in order to be able to recognise it and eventually avoid having any contact with it. The same applies for kissing scenes. If a married man or woman has a kissing scene on television, some people tend to criticise or invent stories which could seriously harm one’s private life and relationship. We’re in 2016 and Maltese productions are trying to grow and aspire to international levels. Let’s help out local productions by supporting them and give them the criticism that helps them grow, not bring them down.


Image credit: John Galea – Director: Jason Zerafa