Winter is finally on at full blast, and the Christmas festivities are fast approaching. This means that apart from the usual decoration sprees, new recipes and hors d’oeuvres to wow your guests with, most of us are also asking ourselves the indomitable question – What shall I wear this Christmas?

Christmas, as well as New Year, bring with them a number of particular occasions where one usually takes the opportunity to appear even smarter and more turned out than usual, in order to capture the party atmosphere. Most people buy a new dress or two, or at least new accessories to jazz up well-known outfits, since during these festivities, we usually end up meeting with far-flung family members or friends we haven’t seen in a long time, and making a good impression is obviously paramount.

Understanding the need for easy ways to appear both festive and hip without having to spend all your monthly capital on a couple of outfits, here are some tips for must-have items this December which will surely inspire a chic look with plenty of flair , whilst keeping you comfortable and true to the merry atmosphere of the season.

The Velvet Blazer

A blazer is an amazing thing. It can give the impression of a distinguished suit or uniform, while at the same time being more casual. A velvet blazer definitely takes the notion of sophisticated contemporary ideal up a notch, as it not only reflects the winter feel of the Christmas ambiance, but it’s also quite warm and comfortable. It looks perfect over a pair of skinny jeans with high heels.



The Cold-Shoulder Dress

You might not have heard this term before, but I’m sure you either have one already, or at least have seen such dresses around in stores and on runways. The cold-shoulder dress, which is basically a normal dress with a cut-shoulder detailing, is great in that it gives you a glamorous look, while at the same time sensually revealing skin without being vulgar. Even Hilary Clinton loved wearing this style during the 90s! One can’t help but wonder whether this is one of the reasons why it’s making a comeback now.




No one can go wrong with sequins, especially during Christmastime. This was true in my grandma’s day, and it’s still true today. Woven on a black dress or top, on the sleeves of a blouse, the hem of a skirt, or the edge of a scarf, sequins are a way of telling the world that yes, you are sazzy, and you’re not afraid to show it!




Luxurious, warm and dressy, the cashmere feel of a pashmina wrap against your skin does wonders towards making you feel pretty, pampered and warm. It looks absolutely fabulous and adds that special rich finishing touch to every wintery outfit.



Funny Christmas Jumpers

While I was in Ireland for Christmas, I once went into a bar where EVERYONE was wearing red and green coloured jumpers with jolly reindeer, semi-naked Santa Clauses, holly berries and snowmen knitted on the front. No, this is not the start of one of those bar jokes. It was just an amazing staff party which I wasn’t part of but will never forget because it looked so fascinatingly hilarious. Anyways, if you want to lighten up the atmosphere while showing off your unique style, wearing a funny Christmas jumper is surely the way to go. You’ll surely earn a few laughs from the crowd, especially if there’s a naughty slogan on it too!