By definition, a choice is always made between two or more possibilities, and when one states they are pro-choice, they’re usually referring to decisions involving whether to go through with a pregnancy or else terminate it. In this case, one of the possibilities involves the killing of a child. Some will at this point jump in with their theory that a small embryo is no child.

It’s interesting that some women choose whether they are “having a baby” or pregnant with “a clump of cells”, depending on how convenient the pregnancy is. I’ll go ahead with my own version that we’re actually human from the start, with a DNA that is unique to us even before birth, for the purpose of my argument.

Thankfully, I’ve never been in a situation that required me to make a choice. However, even if I were, I’d never willingly sacrifice a child’s life. Pro-choicers usually try to validate their stance with the following reasons:

The woman is yet to finish her studies or achieve more in her career

I know of teenagers and older women who had an unplanned pregnancy and still went on to study or forge a successful career. Juggling a baby and a life outside of the home is what most mothers do anyway, so why is it any different in this case?



Doctors have advised that there’s something wrong, maybe even that the child will anyway not survive outside the womb

There have been many couples who went through with a pregnancy following such a diagnosis, and found that the medical staff was wrong and had a healthy baby who grew into a physically and mentally perfect child. Even when all is not well, no person would thank their parents for choosing to abort them over giving them a chance at life, even with a disability.

The pregnant woman knows she won’t make a good mother

Adoption, which is far more humane than abortion, should be available to those that don’t want to keep the baby either way. I should add that governments should make it less difficult for couples to adopt. Ironically, in countries where abortion is legal, it’s easier to kill a child than give them to someone that truly wants to care for them. That said, at times the mother will meet her child and realise there’s no way she can give the baby up and opt to care for the child herself after all.

Some feminists think that women have a right to choose what to do with their own body

This argument is only valid to those who don’t believe that there is another human life in the woman’s body when she’s pregnant. Add to that, how feminist is it to kill a female embryo? Furthermore, statistics show that wherever abortion is legal, it is many times the case that the partner or parents of the expectant mother make the choice for her. That’s not very feminist, in my opinion.



What about in cases of rape that result in pregnancy?

Many present this as their main argument for the legalisation of abortion. It would be a great fail for humanity if so many men gave in to animal instincts that the majority of unwanted pregnancies were the result of rape! So please, don’t hinge the whole matter on this argument. If you felt badly about the raped pregnant woman, then you would campaign for choice to be available only to those select few in this predicament. Since I am pro-life, this is still unjustifiable to me, so I’ll further elaborate. The pro-choicer views the rape victim as necessarily not wanting that child because they’ll always remind them of the dad. However I do not see divorced mums wishing their children dead because they remind them too much of the father? On the other hand, I’ve read testimonies of raped mothers who went on to say they don’t regret a pregnancy that resulted in a wonderful child for them to treasure.

I’m sure that many pro-choicers truly believe in these reasons and think a mother will only ever abort a child when she finds herself with no way out. However, I believe it is more often the case that a choice is made because an unplanned pregnancy will, as the name suggests, disrupt our plans in life. I also believe that many mothers with no choice to abort go on to have a healthy and happy relationship with their child, and would later regret the grave mistake they make if given the choice.