Whether you’re looking for a car with all the right tools for a cross-country journey, or you’re simply in need of a new automobile experience, Land Rover’s latest model, the Evoque Convertible, boasts an array of features that are at the forefront of vehicular technology.


The Evoque Convertible appeases to the art lover, the technophile, and the adventurer. The body’s robust and muscular design gives the SUV an Adonis-esque but debonair aura, whilst the list of high-tech gadgets that can be custom-applied provide an ease-of-travel experience to the thrill-seeking driver.

With its TD4 Diesel Automatic or Si4 Petrol Automatic engine options, this four-wheel drive‘s four-seat capacity comes with the option of an Oxford leather interior – a luxurious finish for an exciting journey. The innovative infotainment system prioritises passenger and driver safety with its accessible and accommodating service, such as rain-sensing wipers, self-activating headlamps, and heated exterior mirrors with puddle lamps. The Head Up Display allows the driver to always keep their eyes on the road, with key data such as directions and speed projected onto the front window.


“There’s nothing better than being out in the elements,  feeling the fresh air or  getting some sun while still being in seated in your vehicle. It is an amazing sensation that you can only experience when you drive a convertible for the first time, and usually it is an eternal bind.”



The Evoque Convertible also ensures that you take in your surroundings without compromising comfort. The wind deflector reduces draft from the rear of the cabin, whilst the acoustic insulated roof folds flush in just 18 seconds.

It also takes into consideration different weather and terrain conditions such as flooding with its Wade Sensor, a system that uses radar to scan incoming water depth up to 500mm. The All-Terrain Progress Control also enables the driver to maintain a safe and steady speed when driving off-road, and is brake-adjustable on low-friction surfaces such as oil or wet grass.



The Range Rover Evoque Convertible is available in two models SE Dynamic or HSE Dynamic, click and build your own!

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