The lights are on, the trees have been decorated, the gift lists have been drawn up and bought, and the menu has been decided upon. But do you know what you’ll be wearing over the festivities?

Christmas is celebrated by millions of people around the globe, and the family lunch is the most popular tradition. Some also celebrate Christmas Eve over dinner.

For the ladies, the choice is simple. I recommend you stick to a skirt for dinner and the pub. Gold and pink are the trend colours for this season, while a fur coat will make your outfit stylish and beautiful.



Some women prefer to stick to pants. It’s important to choose the perfect one for your figure. Embroidered slacks with a shirt are an ideal mix for the event, and remember to add a hint of red, the colour of the month.




Boys, don’t be afraid to play around with your look! Fashion is a fun and funny playground for everyone. A shirt isn’t the only solution; there are a lot of cool choices, and one of them is the leather jacket with a printout T shirt. Don’t forget your trousers! The must-haves are the baggy yoga pants, and even tartan!




Men love to be elegant and wear jackets. They could be classic or odd, but nonetheless fashionable. And ladies, don’t give up on sophistication. A dress with a bit of lace is the greatest solution to glamming up your Christmas look.





For men, the Scottish style is a fine choice, while some prefer the hipster chic style with overcoat and scarf. Why don’t you wear a bow tie?



Luckily, in between Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve, we’ve got our chill-out days to lounge around in our Christmas jumpers!



New Year’s Eve is the most glamorous night. Whether you’re going to a party, a disco, or a fancy dinner remember to shine! Gold, purple, red, black and white are indispensable. Elegance is obligatory. The little black dress is also a go-to piece, and it can be classic or unconventional.



A draped sexy gold dress is a dream to wear for the big shindig at midnight. You can match it with a jewelled sandals and with a purple plumage of furs and lipsticks.




Jackets for men and boys. The case is closed!



The most important aspect of all this is to make sure it’s a personal and authentic choice. Fashion may be a game, but it’s also a form of communication. Don’t hesitate to be yourself.