It is undeniable that the romanticisation of France has spread to every single corner of the world. While some admire French women who look effortlessly chic, others can’t get enough of their remarkable classic culinary. But there’s a lot more to this nation than croissants and berets.

Whether it’s an elegant Parisian flat or a provincial rustic manor, French interiors are notoriously special. They provide a feeling of comfort but also a sense of sophistication that can be felt in every corner. This design is perfect for anyone who enjoys a traditional and historical context with a more modern aesthetic.

Perhaps, the secret lies in a certain stylistic effort when it comes to interiors. Their celebration of beauty comes with an amazing attention to detail and a fearless attitude. Their houses look classic and sleek, and that’s why the French can certainly offer a tutorial on how to create an oh là là space of our dreams.

Heritage Matters

The French would never demolish an old building to build a new one. They won’t hide the natural ceiling beams underneath a crass layer of paint. The French would restore the flat’s original features, adding the unusual design touches to an interior. Their homes, however, are an incorporation of the old and the new, rather than a screamingly retro space. An interior can be a combination of vintage pieces bought from a flea market, with a modern touch of tasteful furniture and monochrome accessories – a fascinating and stylish mix.



Des Couleurs

The colour palette of a French interior is usually calm and uncomplicated. They keep the whites crisp, and pair the complimentary colours together. The spaces are always bright and defined by the full-length windows opening on to a balcony, letting more light flood into the space.



Le Parquet

The French will never throw away an antique wooden parquet, and it’s almost impossible to see laminate flooring in a French interior. They’d rather save the original wooden parquet to create elements of a historical context.




Molding is key when comes to a Parisian interior, since no one can master the art of detail the way French can. The beautiful and elegant molding used in the right places can visually heighten the ceilings, and create a chic, luxurious atmosphere.

Des Livres

The French nation is known for its sophistication and intellectual pedigree. Most pleasing of all, in this age of Kindle, the French still prefer old-fashioned print. So a book collection in your house is something that gives any interior the major French design touch.



Le Salle de Bain

Like any Parisian-inspired space, a bathroom usually exudes romance and style. Adding some antiques or luxe materials such as marble will create a real sense of elegance. A bathroom in France is considered to be a very important space, so important that it’s worthy of a full-length window. The colour palette is light and neutral, from crisp white to hues of honey and butter cream, providing a warm calming glow for relaxation.



La Cuisine

When it comes to dining, France still does it better than anyone else. The country is known for its haute cuisine and legendary wine-irrigated lunches. Paradoxically, their kitchens are usually teeny-tiny rooms, but they know exactly how to utilise a small space well. They manage to cram in all the necessary kitchenware using every single centimetre for technical purposes rather than aesthetic beauty.